Tableau data file

Data Warehouse can deliver reports in Tableau Data Extract (TDE) file format that let you visualize data and layer in additional data from outside Adobe Analytics. You can email this information, or FTP this information to an FTP site.

See Tableau and Adobe Analytics for more information.

  1. On the Data Warehouse Request tab, set up your report definition, then go to Schedule Delivery > Advanced Delivery Options .

  2. On the Advanced Delivery Options page, under Report Format, select Tableau Format (TDE).

  3. Choose whether or not to send this report as a compressed file or not.

  4. Send the report via email or FTP.

  5. Go to Schedule Delivery > Advanced Delivery Options .

  6. Under Report Destination, select FTP.

  7. Fill in the Host, Directory, Username, and Password.

    The default port number is 21. 1. Click Send.

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