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Last update: 2023-04-20
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Frequently asked questions for Data Warehouse.

When I use the granularity drop-down list while creating a request, what format can I expect the dates to be in?

When applying granularity in a Data Warehouse request, the ‘Date’ column is added to the report. Depending on the granularity selected, the date format changes.

Granularity Format Example
Hourly mmmm d, yyyy Hour H January 1, 20XX, Hour 0
Daily mmmm d, yyyy January 1, 20XX
Weekly Week w, yyyy Week 1, 20XX
Monthly mmmm yyyy January 20XX
Quarterly q Quarter yyyy 1st Quarter 20XX
Yearly yyyy 20XX

How do segments as dimensions work in Data Warehouse?

When you use a segment as a dimension in Data Warehouse, the report returns a column containing "0" or "1":

  • "0": The dimension item did not meet the segment’s criteria.
  • "1": The dimension item met the segment’s criteria.

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