Activity Map reporting in Analytics

Last update: 2024-01-19
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Describes how to set permissions and which dimensions are available in Analytics.

Set permissions

Before users can report on Activity Map dimensions, you as the Admin need to

Analytics Activity Map dimensions

You can customize user access to dimensions at a granular level. Here are the Activity Map dimensions available in Analytics:

Dimension Description
Activity Map Page Lists the pages on which a link was clicked.
Activity Map Region Lists all collected link regions across the whole web site. Note that if a region appears on multiple pages, the metric will be aggregated across all its pages.
Activity Map Links Lists all collected links across the whole web site.
Activity Map Links & Region Lists all collected links with their region across the whole web site.
Activity Map XY Unused
  • These dimensions should be available in Analysis Workspace and Report Builder, provided that your Analytics implementation is enabled for Activity Map.
  • In Analysis Workspace, pull the Activitymap-related dimensions into a report.
  • To look at a link and region for a specific page, all you need to do is create a breakdown from the desired Activity Map page into the Activity Map Links & Region.

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