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Last update: 2024-01-26
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Analytics > Admin > Server Call Usage > Current Usage


Any usage and commitment numbers you see are cumulative across all your login companies and report suites.

The Current Usage dashboard

  • Shows a breakdown of your server call consumption and commitment across each of your server-call types. This view could be different for different customers and is consistent with what your contract includes. For instance, you may have signed up for 4 separate types of server calls, Primary and Secondary for Web and Primary and Secondary for Mobile. In that case, this view would comprise 4 tabs, one for each type. Within each tab, you will be able to view the consumption for the current usage period.

  • Compares current usage (green line) to your contractual usage limit (red line).

  • Compares your current period’s usage to last year’s usage (blue line). Obviously, the blue line will only appear if your company has server call usage data from the previous year.


    If you want to view usage for a previous time period, you have to go to the Report Suite Usage tab and download the usage data for a previous period.

  • Lists the percentage of calls used (in percentages and raw data), and the percentage of the usage period spent (in percentages and raw data).

  • By default, is updated daily, with a 5-day processing latency.

  • Lets you collapse and expand all reportlets.

UI Term Definition
Current Period Usage (green) The current period is based on the usage period.
Previous Period Usage (blue) The previous period is defined as the current usage period minus 1 year.
Usage Limit (red) Your contractual usage limit for this usage period.

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