View Activity Map data in Adobe Analytics

Last update: 2023-04-11
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Administrative steps for enabling Activity Map reporting in Analytics.

Analytics > Admin > Report Suites > <select report suite> > Edit Settings > Activity Map > Activity Map Reporting

Enables Analytics to collect user activity served up from Activity Map (formerly ClickMap). This integration

  • Enables reporting in Analytics.

  • Adds new reports under View All Reports > Activity Map:

    Report Description
    Activity Map Page Lists the pages where a link was clicked on.
    Activity Map Region Lists all collected link regions across the whole web site. Note that if a region appears on multiple pages, the metric will be aggregated across all its pages.
    Activity Map Links Lists all collected links across the whole web site.
    Activity Map Links & Region Lists all collected links with their region across the whole web site.

For data to be populated, refer to the Activity Map documentation for complete implementation instructions.

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