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Last update: 2024-01-03
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System requirements for Analysis Workspace.

Requirement Description
Product SKU Your organization must have an active contract with Adobe Analytics for Select, Prime, or Ultimate with the Customer Journey Analytics add-on. If you are not sure what type of contract you have, or are not sure if you have the Customer Journey Analytics add-on, contact your Adobe Account Team. In addition, your organization must be provisioned for Adobe Experience Platform.
Administrators Have full access to Analysis Workspace.
Users To enable access to the Workspace tab in Analytics, administrators must create a product profile with the Analysis Workspace Access permission and add users to it in the Admin Console.
  • Preferred: Latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Edge.
  • Cookies and JavaScript must be enabled.
  • 1024 x 768 monitor resolution with 16-bit color depth (or higher).

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