Media Playback Time Spent FAQs

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Where is the Freeform table? How can I see the data source?

The Freeform table is not available in this view. To download the data source, right-click the line chart and download the CSV file.

Why did my granularity change?

This visualization is limited to 1440 rows of data (for example, 24-hours at minute-level granularity). If a date range and granularity combination results in more than 1440 rows, the granularity will be automatically updated to accommodate the full date range.

When changing from a larger date range to a smaller one, the granularity will be updated to the lowest detail allowable once the date range is changed. To view a higher granularity, edit the panel and rebuild.

How do I compare video names, filters, content types, etc?

To compare these in a single visualization, drag filters, dimensions, or specific dimension items in the series breakdown filter.

The view is limited to 10 breakdowns. To view more than 10, you must use multiple panels.

How do I compare date ranges? To compare date ranges in a single visualization, use the series breakdowns by dragging 2 or more date ranges. These date ranges will override the panel date range.
How do I change the visualization type?

This panel only allows for the line visualization for the time series.

Can I run anomaly detection?

No. Anomaly detection is not available for this panel.

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