Find metrics

Describes the two main ways of finding your metrics: sorting and filtering.


When you open a report and click the Metrics icon to the left of a report to bring up the Metrics rail, the Sort By drop-down list in the Metrics Selector shows four sorting options:

Option When to use it
Alphabetical Useful if you know the name.
Recommended Common metrics that people use in the report - this is gathered by the back end from metrics users commonly use with this report.
Frequently Used Useful if you are a novice user and need to see what is commonly used on the report.
Recently Used Useful if you are working on a project and using the same set of metrics over and over.

Filtering - Advanced Selection

When you open a report and click the Metrics icon, then click Manage. Now click the Filter icon. You can filter in a number of ways.

If you want to Then sort by
Show all metrics in this data view. Other Filters > Show All
Show only the metrics that you have Other Filters > Mine
Show Metrics shared with me from someone else Either Owners or Other Filters > Shared with Me
Show only metrics that are approved by the company. Approved
Filter on the metrics for a project you are working on. One of the Tags.

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