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Last update: 2023-05-31
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At some point, we are all going to need help with Adobe Analytics. This videos shows you some of the great resources that are at your fingertips as you hit a snag and need some help.


Hey everybody this is Doug. In this video I want to talk to you about where you can get help when you are in the product, or when you’re in the middle of an implementation, etcetera, etcetera.

So here we are in the Analytics UI and I’ve actually just gone to Admin and Report Suites, since that’s part of the implementation process. You might be configuring some conversion variables or whatever you’re doing, and you run into some stuff that you need to understand better. So we have conveniently collected a bunch of resources for you up here on the top right under this help icon here with a question mark. So as we click on that, it comes up and you can search for specific topics of course and that will take you right into the documentation. And you can learn about those specific topics as needed. You also have a What’s New section, which takes you to the Experience Cloud release notes and then you can click on Analytics and you can go down into those analytics specific releases so you can find out what’s new.

A couple more things to show you. You have a Help Home, so that’ll take you right to the beginning of the documentation and show you the different guides you have, whether it’s tools or Admin implementation, you know importing/exporting etcetera. Okay couple more. So there’s also a customer care. And by the way, there’s also a Submit Support Ticket, so if you need to contact our customer care team, maybe there’s a bug or there’s an existing ticket and you need to talk to them, you can go to the Customer Care link here, or you can submit a Support Ticket if you are a named support contact for your company. Okay each company typically has a couple of people who are named support contacts and so they can contact support at Adobe. So if you are not one of those people, then you’ll probably need to talk first to the people at your organization who are named as such. And I wanted to also show you the Community. And I have that right up here in the Community. So in the Community, you can find help and other questions that have been answered by other people and so it is a great place to go. You’ll also notice that this lives on something called Experience League, so this is a great place to go. And in fact, if you just go to the Home for Experience League here, you’ll see that you can actually even just get there by typing in Experience League And then not only does it have the Community, but it has some Intelligent Guidance where you can explore topics to learn by and you can also go to My Learning and set that up so that it’s more specific to recommend learning tracks for you. Or again you can just explore different topics. Now speaking of exploring different topics, as you go to the documentation, you’ll be able to see up at the top there is a link to some tutorials. And so if you go to the tutorials, you’ll be able to see a lots of different topics here and be able to open those up and see some different videos, whether they’re feature videos or longer tutorials for you. Here’s an example of one, showing how to configure the Library Management section in the Launch Analytics Extension. So hopefully a lot of good stuff in here for you to go through and learn the product. In any case, I hope that that shows you, if I go back over here, kind of shows you some of the resources you have available to you as you have questions working with Adobe Analytics. Good luck.

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