Data requirements for data feeds using EF IDs

Last update: 2023-09-29
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Following are the header fields and corresponding data fields required for each type of feed file.

  • The headers can be in any order as long as the data in the subsequent rows follows the same order. If you don’t include a header, then the order of the data rows must be consistent with each feed file.
  • Each line of the feed file must contain data for one transaction, and the transaction must be identified by an Adobe Advertising-generated ef_id (token).
Header Field/Column Name Type Description
EF ID Case-sensitive string The ef_id (token) that you captured upon the click for the transaction, which consists of the surfer ID, the click time, and the network type. Don’t alter the value.
Transaction ID Case-sensitive string (Optional but recommended) The advertiser-generated transaction ID. The best practice is to include this for each transaction even though the ef_id is used to track the transaction at the time of redirect.
Transaction Date DateTime The date of the transaction. The format must be consistent for each transaction.
Client-specific Conversion String A conversion that is being tracked (such as the transaction type or amount). Discuss the conversions to be included with the Adobe Advertising implementation team before starting the feed.


The following example file includes data for two conversion metrics (Product and Revenue).

EF ID,Client Transaction ID, Transaction Date,Product,Revenue

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