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Last update: 2023-08-14
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Custom goals define the success events that an advertiser requires to meet its business objectives. Each package that uses an optimization goals that ends with “- Custom Goal” (such as “Highest ROAS - Custom Goal”) must include a custom goal that will help achieve the overall optimization goal. You can create custom goals as objectives in Advertising Search, Social, & Commerce.

custom goals

Each custom goal consists of one or more conversion metrics and the relative weights of those metrics. The available conversion metrics include all metrics tracked using the Adobe Advertising conversion pixel and through Adobe Analytics.

  • Analytics dimensions and segments aren’t available for Adobe Advertising optimization.
  • To use Analytics events in DSP, work with your Adobe Account Team to configure an advertiser-level integration.
  • Analytics custom events follow this naming convention: custom_event_[*event #*]_[*Analytics report suite ID*]. Example: custom_event_16_examplersid

For example, suppose that three conversion metrics are relevant to a specific package in one of your campaigns: “PDF Download” valued at 20 USD, “Email Signup” valued at 30 USD, and “Order Confirmation” valued at 40 USD. If you want to give weight according to the one-time monetary value of the customer action, then the relative weights of the properties would be 1, 2, and 1.5.

See the best practices for creating custom goals for tips on how to configure your custom goals.

Once you create a custom goal, you can assign it to a package for reporting and algorithmic optimization using Adobe Sensei.

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