Manual Deal ID Settings

Section Parameter Description Required Editable
[Deal Details] Deal name The name to identify your Deal ID in Advertising DSP. Enter a name or select Auto-name to let DSP generate a name based on the deal details.

Example of an auto-generated name: 24159708 - Deal ID - Guaranteed Fixed - USD - 5 - 24Kitchen - Private
Yes Yes
External deal ID The ID used by your publisher and the SSP to identify this deal. Yes No
Publisher The name of the publisher that is selling this inventory. Yes No
SSP The supply side platform (SSP) through which this deal runs. Yes No
Media type The type of media bought through this deal: Desktop video, Mobile video, Connected TV, Display, Audio, or Publisher Managed. The options vary by SSP.

If the deal allows multiple media types, select the media type for the default placement when you create the deal. Later, you can change the value, or you can just attach a new placement with the additional media type.
Yes No
Deal type The deal commitment and pricing structure:
  • Non guaranteed (floor): You and the publisher haven’t committed to a fixed number of impression deliveries. The deal specifies the minimum price for the inventory, although the CPM may fluctuate and increase depending on market conditions.
  • Non guaranteed (fixed): You and the publisher haven’t committed to a fixed number of impression deliveries. Pricing is at a negotiated fixed rate.
  • Guaranteed (fixed): You and the publisher have agreed on a pre-defined number of impressions, targeting, flight dates, and fixed price.

    Note: Guaranteed deals require flight dates and a specified number of impressions in the Tracking section. You also must create a default programmatic guaranteed (PG) placement for the deal, and you can optionally use the deal for other placements instead.
Yes No
CPM The negotiated cost per 1000 impressions (CPM). Yes Yes
[Currency] The currency for the deal.

All SSPs accept deals in USD. When the SSP accepts the currency for your DSP account, that currency is also available.
Yes No
Billing method All deal IDs are Adobe-financed and -invoiced. DSP pays all available media vendors based on usage, manage discrepancies with the vendors, and send one consolidated invoice to the account. This option incurs additional fees as outlined in the account’s rate card. Yes No
Advertisers Account email The email address for the user account that can access the deal. No Yes
Advertisers that can access this deal The specific advertisers in the account who can access this deal.

Note: You can share the deal with advertisers in additional accounts from the Deals view. In the deal row, click #, click share, and then share the deal with an email address.
Yes Yes
Tracking Flight Dates The start and end dates for traffic using this deal. These dates are for tracking purposes only and don’t impact ad delivery.

Tip: In the Inventory > Deals view, the Pacing & Budget column shows how the deal is pacing to the specified flight date and impression goal. If delivery is under- or over-pacing, contact your publisher to adjust how much volume it is sending through the deal.
Guaranteed deals: Yes
Non-guaranteed deals: No
Impressions (Optional for non-guaranteed deals) The estimated number of impressions you expect to run using this deal. This value is for tracking purposes only; the publisher controls ad delivery. Guaranteed deals: Yes
Non-guaranteed deals: No

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