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Last update: 2023-03-02
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Ad Server Audio Display High Impact Display Video Special Requirements and Notes
A Million Ads X
Adacado X
Ad Colony X Only VAST mobile
Adconion X
Adform X X X
ADITION Technologies X
ADman Media X
Adobe Advertising Creative
ADventori X
Artsai X X
Atlas X
Big Ads X Cube (Desktop), Cube (Mobile), Cards (Desktop), Big Reveal (Desktop), Cine-Cube (Desktop), Cinematics (Desktop). Set up all of these ad types in DSP as 300x250. Certified only via Magnite DV+.
Bonzai X
Contobox X
Conversant X
Dotdash X
Doubleclick X X X
Extreme Reach X
Eyereturn X
Flashtalking X X X
Frequency X
Gum Gum X
HUMAN (Formerly White Ops) X X X
Innovid X X X
Inskin X High impact skins (including Cavai conversational ads) must be served out of a 180x150 display deal ID across the Inskin inventory network.
Jivox X
Kargo X X 320x50 Anchor, BYOC, Hover, Breakout, Breakaway, and Sidekick; 300x250 Outstream, HighRise; Standard Desktop Display (specific ad plugin IDs aren’t required); Video Anchor (VAST only)

Contact your Adobe Account Team for assistance in setting up ad units.
Linkstorm X
mCanvas X
Medialets X
Minute Media X Desktop Skin (970x250)
Moat X X X
Pubmatic X VAST Only
RevJet X VAST Only
Seedtag X
Sizmek X X X OLV and CTV

To make the tags render in the UI, wrap the tag with <a> tags (at the beginning and the end). See sample tag below:

<a><script src="https://bs.serving-sys.com/Serving/adServer.bs?c=28&cn=display&pli=1074570064&w=900&h=550&ord=[timestamp]&ifrm=-1&z=0"></script> <noscript> <a href="https://bs.serving-sys.com/Serving/adServer.bs?cn=brd&pli=1074570064&Page=&Pos=-602368150" target="_blank"> <img src="https://bs.serving-sys.com/Serving/adServer.bs?c=8&cn=display&pli=1074570064&Page=&Pos=-602368150" border=0 width=900 height=550></a> </noscript><a>
Spaceback X
Spirable X
SundaySky X
Teads X No support is available for VPAID on Outstream inventory.
Trueffect X
Undertone X Custom Page Grabber ad unit uploaded as 180x150 in DSP

When Index Exchange passes a 180x150 auction and DSP bids on the auction and serves an impression, the creative expands to a full-page display ad.

Initially certified for Page Grabber, Expandable Adhesion, and Screen Shift ad units. This needs to be recertified, with steps marked for processes.
Vox X Athena ad units
Wunderkind X

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