Available Advanced Measurement Services

The advanced measurement and strategy team helps customers deploy curated targeting strategies using a sophisticated measurement framework, making it easy for brands to connect their media decisions to key metrics that drive their business. The team can help you to:

  • Access sophisticated campaign strategies curated by a team of experts
  • Uplevel your campaign storytelling with packaged reporting solutions
  • Evolve your advertising practice by learning and improving over time

The following measurement solution packages are available to validate the success of your ad campaigns:

  • Household- and People-Based Reach and Frequency
  • Web Conversions
  • Experiments
  • Offline Sales Optimization
  • Foot Traffic Measurement
  • Transaction Measurement and Insights
  • In-Segment Reach
  • Panel-Based Surveys
  • Exposure File Passing

To learn more about leveraging advanced measurement services to create a custom learning agenda for your campaign, contact your Adobe Client Services team.

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