Waits until the end of a list of asynchronous queries.

      	wait (requests,waitAll)



A table of queries.


Boolean (by default true), wait all requests from the query list to be completed. When set to false, if a least one request is completed, the function gets out of the listening loop.

Return value



The function doesn't apply to a query but is a function of the HttpClientRequest bin. Example:
var req = new HttpClientRequest("http://www.adobe.com/")
req.complete = function(req, context, status) { logInfo(status) }
req.execute(false, true)

HttpClientRequest.wait( [req] )
A query may only be added to the list if it is asynchronous and if the execute call hasn't raised an exception. Once a query is finished, it is automatically deleted from the list. This means that when the function returns control, the table passed as a parameter will be empty. The list can be modified by the complete function: for instance, it is possible to start a new query and add it to the list.


Method of class: HttpClientRequest

Available in:

  • Content management
  • Delivery properties
  • Typology rule
  • JSSP
  • SOAP Method
  • WebApp
  • Workflow