Monitor server capacity

The Control Panel allows you to monitor and manage your SFTP storage by instance.

Accessing Control Panel Subdomain Management

To access the Subdomain Management in Control Panel, go to:

Monitor server capacity, allowlist IP addresses, and add SSH keys

Learn how to monitor the storage capacity of your SFTP servers.

In this video, I will show you where you can review your SFTP server storage capacity. To do this, navigate to the Control Panel and then to the SFTP section.
The first tab is the storage tab. It will show you the space that you have available for each of your servers.
The bars indicate how much storage is being used. You can see the actual usage and the overall server capacity above the bar.
The bar itself will change to orange when the usage surpasses 80% of the server’s capacity and red when it surpasses 90%.
In this case, everything’s fine, so the bar is blue.
Information and additional tips are displayed in the tool tip on the right.
Here, you can see what it looks like when one of your servers is close to reaching its capacity.
The information on the right gives you some tips on how to free up server capacity or what to do to increase the server capacity.
We recommend that you monitor your available server capacity regularly.
If you run out of space, workflows that rely on updates from the server will be impacted, and you might not be able to save any files to the server anymore. -