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May 2019
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Your customers expect high-quality rich media experiences. Guess what? You have the tools you need to not only meet, but exceed those expectations. This issue is dedicated to giving you the inspiration you want and the know-how you need to use Dynamic Media Classic and Dynamic Media within Adobe Experience Manager Assets to deliver those exceptional experiences. Discover top 10 hidden features of Dynamic Media Classic in a blog post, watch key how to videos in Experience League, learn more about the upcoming Adobe Insider Tour, read a three-part blog series to update your rich media strategy, and learn about AI-driven video smart cropping.
Discover Dynamic Media Classic Top 10 Hidden Features
Dynamic Media Classic has countless features designed to help you supercharge your customer experiences with compelling rich media. This blog post highlights 10 indispensable features in Dynamic Media Classic, including advanced image presets, adaptive video sets, smart imaging and more. For even more information on these features, watch the on demand webinar or download the PDF.
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Gain Know-how with New Dynamic Media Classic Videos
We already mentioned that Dynamic Media Classic has tons of powerful, easy-to-use features. Ready to learn how to take advantage of three of them? Rule Sets let you make image URLs more SEO friendly or brand consistent. They also let you specify or customize default images — for example, when you want to show a custom default image instead that jarring 404 Not Found message. The Responsive Image Library helps you optimize the quality and performance of customer experiences on different devices by supporting responsive website design. And Image Badge Automation allows you to easily apply badges to product images, such as "New" or "50% off."
Watch these three videos in Experience League to find out how to use these three Dynamic Media Classic capabilities:
Rule Sets. Watch
Responsive Image Library. Watch
Image Badge Automation. Watch
Curious About Enterprise DAM? Attend a Nearby Adobe Insider Tour Event
Adobe Experience Manager Assets (AEM Assets) is our industry-leading digital asset management (DAM) solution. If you've been thinking about upgrading to Dynamic Media within AEM Assets, then consider attending one of the 2019 Adobe Insider Tour events we're launching in major cities across North America. At these events, we'll explore enterprise-level digital asset management (DAM), and how it's helping brands like yours meet the growing demand for content-rich customer experiences. You'll learn best practices for choosing and using a DAM, how to craft and roll out a successful DAM strategy, and ways to use your brand portal or the Asset Share Commons of AEM Assets to share and distribute your digital assets.
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Deliver the Rich Media Experiences Customers Crave
Successful brands in today's content-heavy world offer unique, engaging, and high-quality experiences. To be one of those brands, you need to have an up-to-date rich media strategy that lets you meet your customers' ever-increasing demands for rich media experiences. You understand and make the right trade-offs between image quality and speed of delivery. And you get that you have to deliver high-quality video because your customers will engage more with your brand if you offer video in your experiences.
Read this three-part blog series to learn how to put your rich media to work for your brand:
Part 1: Has Your Rich Media Strategy Expired? Read
Part 2: It's Never Just a Blur — Quality Versus Speed Read
Part 3: Video, the Experience Maker — or Breaker Read
Use AI to Crop Video Perfectly for Viewing on Any Device
One of the biggest challenges with delivering video across different devices and screen sizes is making sure the focal point of the video remains the focus throughout. Discover how you can use Adobe Sensei to automatically detect the focal point of a video, crop the video across demarcated aspect ratios, and automatically track the focal point throughout the frame to ensure the focal point is displayed properly while maintaining the specified aspect ratio.
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