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Field name Type Field path Description Enumeration Schema
Identifierstring_idA unique identifier for the time-series event.Email BCC Feedback Event Schema
Addressstring_experience > customerJourneyManagement > emailChannelContext > addressThe technical address, for example, '' as commonly defined in RFC2822 and subsequent standards.Email BCC Feedback Event Schema
Email Namespacestring_experience > customerJourneyManagement > emailChannelContext > namespaceEmail namespace associated with the email address in the consent preferences in the Profile, e.g. email or EmailEmail BCC Feedback Event Schema
IP Addressstring_experience > customerJourneyManagement > emailChannelContext > outboundIPOutbound IP address of the customer used to deliver the message.Email BCC Feedback Event Schema
Feedback Statusstring_experience > customerJourneyManagement > messageDeliveryfeedback > feedbackStatusProvide status of a delivery attempt across different channels(Email,Push,SMS etc.), Not all enums are used for all the channels, so follow the detailed documentation.error: Message processing failed
exclude: Message profile filtered out
sent: Message sent
bounce: Message bounced
delay: Message delayed
duplicate: Duplicate message skipped
denylist: Invalid destination skipped
delivered: Message Delivered
Email BCC Feedback Event Schema
Exclude Codestring_experience > customerJourneyManagement > messageDeliveryfeedback > messageExclusion > codeProvide top level exclusion reason, like typology rule, mandatory parameter missing.Email BCC Feedback Event Schema
Exclude Reasonstring_experience > customerJourneyManagement > messageDeliveryfeedback > messageExclusion > reasonProvide exclusion subcode, like exact typology rule-id.Email BCC Feedback Event Schema
Failure Categorystring_experience > customerJourneyManagement > messageDeliveryfeedback > messageFailure > categoryClassifies whether it is a sync bounce or async bounce.sync: The delivery failed synchronously.
async: The delivery failed asynchronously.
Email BCC Feedback Event Schema
Failure Codestring_experience > customerJourneyManagement > messageDeliveryfeedback > messageFailure > codeFailure code for a failed delivery attempt.Email BCC Feedback Event Schema
Failure Reasonstring_experience > customerJourneyManagement > messageDeliveryfeedback > messageFailure > reasonFailure reason for a failed delivery attempt.Email BCC Feedback Event Schema
Failure Typestring_experience > customerJourneyManagement > messageDeliveryfeedback > messageFailure > typeClassifies whether it is a soft bounce or hard bounce.soft: The reason for failed delivery is temporary.
hard: The reason for failed delivery is permanent.
Email BCC Feedback Event Schema
Offer detailsobject_experience > customerJourneyManagement > messageDeliveryfeedback > offersDescribes offer(s) involved in a message feedback.Email BCC Feedback Event Schema
Offer Activity IDstring_experience > customerJourneyManagement > messageDeliveryfeedback > offers > activityIDUnique Offer Decision identifier.Email BCC Feedback Event Schema
Offer Countinteger_experience > customerJourneyManagement > messageDeliveryfeedback > offers > offerCountCount of offers included in the offer proposition.Email BCC Feedback Event Schema
Offer IDstring_experience > customerJourneyManagement > messageDeliveryfeedback > offers > offerIDUnique Identifier for Offer.Email BCC Feedback Event Schema
Placement IDstring_experience > customerJourneyManagement > messageDeliveryfeedback > offers > placementIDUnique Identifier for Offer Placement.Email BCC Feedback Event Schema
Proposition IDstring_experience > customerJourneyManagement > messageDeliveryfeedback > offers > propositionIDUnique Identifier for Offer Proposition.Email BCC Feedback Event Schema
Proposition Timestring_experience > customerJourneyManagement > messageDeliveryfeedback > offers > propositionTimeTime at which the Offer proposition was generated.Email BCC Feedback Event Schema
Offer Decision Scope IDstring_experience > customerJourneyManagement > messageDeliveryfeedback > offers > scopeIDUnique Offer Decison Scope identifier(offer-activity-id+placement-id BASE64 encoded).Email BCC Feedback Event Schema
Retry Countinteger_experience > customerJourneyManagement > messageDeliveryfeedback > retryCountNumber of failed attempts before the current event. The retryCount starts with '0', for message which is sent in first attempt will have 'retryCount' as 0.Email BCC Feedback Event Schema
AJO Campaign ID (deprecated)string_experience > customerJourneyManagement > messageExecution > ajoCampaignID Unique ID of the AJO Campaign that triggered this message execution.Email BCC Feedback Event Schema
AJO Campaign Version ID (deprecated)string_experience > customerJourneyManagement > messageExecution > ajoCampaignVersionID Version ID of the AJO Campaign that triggered this message execution.Email BCC Feedback Event Schema
Batch Instance IDstring_experience > customerJourneyManagement > messageExecution > batchInstanceIDGUID created at invocation of each new batch instance for a scheduled Journey or Campaign Action. E.g: If a scheduled Journey or Campaign Action runs at 8.00am and 10.00am, there will be two separate different batchInstanceID’s.Email BCC Feedback Event Schema
Campaign Action IDstring_experience > customerJourneyManagement > messageExecution > campaignActionIDAction ID of the Campaign that triggered this message execution.Email BCC Feedback Event Schema
Campaign IDstring_experience > customerJourneyManagement > messageExecution > campaignID Unique ID of the Campaign that triggered this message execution.Email BCC Feedback Event Schema
Campaign Version IDstring_experience > customerJourneyManagement > messageExecution > campaignVersionID Version ID of the Campaign that triggered this message execution.Email BCC Feedback Event Schema
Journey Action IDstring_experience > customerJourneyManagement > messageExecution > journeyActionIDJourney Action ID, for which MessageExecution is triggered.Email BCC Feedback Event Schema
JourneyVersion IDstring_experience > customerJourneyManagement > messageExecution > journeyVersionID JourneyVersion Id triggerieng the MessageExecution.Email BCC Feedback Event Schema
JourneyVersion Instance IDstring_experience > customerJourneyManagement > messageExecution > journeyVersionInstanceIDIdentifier of the journey version instance, specific to one individual (uuid).Email BCC Feedback Event Schema
Journey Version Node IDstring_experience > customerJourneyManagement > messageExecution > journeyVersionNodeIDIdentifier of the journey version node, triggering the Message Execution.Email BCC Feedback Event Schema
MessageExecution IDstring_experience > customerJourneyManagement > messageExecution > messageExecutionIDThe CJM activity originating this message.Email BCC Feedback Event Schema
Message IDstring_experience > customerJourneyManagement > messageExecution > messageIDUnique ID representing a non-personalized message sent to the end user.Email BCC Feedback Event Schema
Message Publication IDstring_experience > customerJourneyManagement > messageExecution > messagePublicationIDThe Publication ID of parent Message ID of a MessageExecution originating this message.Email BCC Feedback Event Schema
Message Typestring_experience > customerJourneyManagement > messageExecution > messageTypeMessage Type, whether it's marketing or transactional messagemarketing: Marketing
transactional: Transactional
Email BCC Feedback Event Schema
Experience channelobject_experience > customerJourneyManagement > messageProfile > channelExperience channel related to the ExperienceEvent.Email BCC Feedback Event Schema
isSendTimeOptimizedboolean_experience > customerJourneyManagement > messageProfile > isSendTimeOptimizedTrue if the message execution is send time optimized.Email BCC Feedback Event Schema
isTestExecutionboolean_experience > customerJourneyManagement > messageProfile > isTestExecutionTrue if the message is sent as Test Execution.Email BCC Feedback Event Schema
MessageProfile IDstring_experience > customerJourneyManagement > messageProfile > messageProfileIDA unique id refers to every single message sent as part of a MessageExecution activity.Email BCC Feedback Event Schema
Content Variantstring_experience > customerJourneyManagement > messageProfile > variantA message execution can have multiple variants e.g. Multilingual (translated variants for the same content) or A/B testing (different content to test what works better) but a message delivered to a recipient always contains one of them.Email BCC Feedback Event Schema
Push Platformstring_experience > customerJourneyManagement > pushChannelContext > platformPush provider service, e.g. apns or fcmapns: Apple Push Notification service
fcm: Firebase cloud messaging service
Email BCC Feedback Event Schema
Original Recipient Addressstring_experience > customerJourneyManagement > secondaryRecipientDetail > originalRecipientAddressIt is the address of the original recipient of which the copy of the mail to the secondary recipient was sent.Email BCC Feedback Event Schema
Secondary Recipient Typestring_experience > customerJourneyManagement > secondaryRecipientDetail > typeThe type of the secondary recipient. i.e BCC (Blind Carbon Copy), CC (Carbon Copy) & Archivalbcc: BCC
cc: CC
archival: Archival
Email BCC Feedback Event Schema
SMS Providerstring_experience > customerJourneyManagement > smsChannelContext > smsProviderSMS provider , e.g. sinch or twiliosinch: Sinch sms provider
twilio: Twilio sms provider
vibes: Vibes sms Provider
Email BCC Feedback Event Schema
ExperienceEvent merge IDstringeventMergeIdAn ID to correlate or merge multiple Experience events together that are essentially the same event or should be merged. This is intended to be populated by the data producer prior to ingestion.Email BCC Feedback Event Schema
Event TypestringeventTypeThe primary event type for this time-series record.advertising.completes: Advertising Completes
advertising.timePlayed: Advertising Time Played
advertising.federated: Advertising Federated
advertising.clicks: Advertising Clicks
advertising.conversions: Advertising Conversions
advertising.firstQuartiles: Advertising First Quartiles
advertising.impressions: Advertising Impressions
advertising.midpoints: Advertising Midpoints
advertising.starts: Advertising Starts
advertising.thirdQuartiles: Advertising Third Quartiles
application.close: Application Close
application.launch: Application Launch
web.webpagedetails.pageViews: Web Webpagedetails Page Views
web.webinteraction.linkClicks: Web Webinteraction Link Clicks
web.formFilledOut: Web Form Filled Out
commerce.checkouts: Commerce Checkouts
commerce.productListAdds: Commerce Product List (Cart) Adds
commerce.productListOpens: Commerce Product List (Cart) Opens
commerce.productListRemovals: Commerce Product List (Cart) Removals
commerce.productListReopens: Commerce Product List (Cart) Reopens
commerce.productListViews: Commerce Product List (Cart) Views
commerce.productViews: Commerce Product (Cart) Views
commerce.purchases: Commerce Purchases
commerce.saveForLaters: Commerce Save For Laters
decisioning.propositionDisplay: Decisioning Proposition Display
decisioning.propositionInteract: Decisioning Proposition Interact
decisioning.propositionSend: Decisioning Proposition Send
decisioning.propositionDismiss: Decisioning Proposition Dismiss
decisioning.propositionTrigger: Decisioning Proposition Trigger Delivery Feedback Message Feedback
message.tracking: Message Tracking
pushTracking.applicationOpened: Push Tracking Application Opened
pushTracking.customAction: Push Tracking Custom Action
listOperation.removeFromList: List Operation Remove From List
listOperation.addToList: List Operation Add To List
leadOperation.scoreChanged: Lead Operation Score Changed
leadOperation.revenueStageChanged: Lead Operation Revenue Stage changed
leadOperation.statusInCampaignProgressionChanged: Lead Operation Status In Campaign Progression Changed
leadOperation.interestingMoment: Lead Operation Interesting Moment
leadOperation.newLead: Lead Operation New Lead
leadOperation.convertLead: Lead Operation Convert Lead
leadOperation.callWebhook: Lead Operation Call Webhook
leadOperation.changeEngagementCampaignCadence: Change Engagement Campaign Cadence
leadOperation.addToCampaign: Lead Operation Add To Campaign
leadOperation.changeCampaignStream: Lead Operation Change Campaign Stream
leadOperation.mergeLeads: Lead Operation Merge Leads
directMarketing.emailBounced: Direct Marketing Email Bounced
directMarketing.emailBouncedSoft: Direct Marketing Email Bounced Soft
directMarketing.emailDelivered: Direct Marketing Email Delivered
directMarketing.emailUnsubscribed: Direct Marketing Email Unsubscribed
directMarketing.emailOpened: Direct Marketing Email Opened
directMarketing.emailClicked: Direct Marketing Email Clicked
directMarketing.emailSent: Direct Marketing Email Sent
opportunityEvent.removeFromOpportunity: Opportunity Event Remove From Opportunity
opportunityEvent.addToOpportunity: Opportunity Event Add To Opportunity
opportunityEvent.opportunityUpdated: Opportunity Event Opportunity Updated
inappmessageTracking.dismiss: inapp message was dimissed
inappmessageTracking.display: inapp message was displayed
inappmessageTracking.interact: inapp message was interacted with Media ping
media.sessionStart: Media sessionStart Media play
media.bufferStart: Media bufferStart
media.pauseStart: Media pauseStart
media.chapterStart: Media chapterStart
media.chapterSkip: Media chapterSkip
media.chapterComplete: Media chapterComplete
media.adStart: Media adStart
media.adSkip: Media adSkip
media.adComplete: Media adComplete
media.adBreakStart: Media adBreakStart
media.adBreakComplete: Media adBreakComplete
media.bitrateChange: Media bitrateChange
media.error: Media error
media.sessionComplete: Media sessionComplete
media.sessionEnd: Media sessionEnd
media.statesUpdate: Media statesUpdate
media.downloaded: Media downloaded content
media.reporting.sessionStart: Media reporting sessionStart
media.reporting.sessionClose: Media reporting sessionClose
media.reporting.adStart: Media reporting adStart
media.reporting.adClose: Media reporting adClose
media.reporting.chapterClose: Media reporting chapterClose
location.entry: Location entry
location.exit: Location exit
Email BCC Feedback Event Schema
IdentifierstringidentityMap > additionalProperties > items > idIdentity of the consumer in the related namespace.Email BCC Feedback Event Schema
PrimarybooleanidentityMap > additionalProperties > items > primaryIndicates this identity is the preferred identity. Is used as a hint to help systems better organize how identities are queried.Email BCC Feedback Event Schema
Produced BystringproducedByValue that describes the producer of the event - suggested values would be 'self', 'system', 'salesRep', etc. Can be used to filter out certain producers if needed.self: Self
system: System
salesRef: Sales Representative
customerRep: Customer Representative
Email BCC Feedback Event Schema
TimestampstringtimestampThe time when an event or observation occurred.Email BCC Feedback Event Schema
Field name Type Field path Description Enumeration Schema