Use personalization blocks personalization-blocks

Personalization blocks are dynamic content which contain a specific rendering that you can insert into your deliveries. For example, you can add a logo, a greeting message, or a link to a mirror page.

To access personalized content blocks, browse to the Resources > Campaign Management > Personalization blocks node of the explorer. Built-in personalization blocks are listed in this section.

You can also define new blocks to optimize your deliveries personalization. Learn more.

Insert personalization blocks insert-personalization-blocks

To insert a personalization block in a message, follow the steps below:

  1. In the content editor of the delivery wizard, click the personalization icon and select the Include menu.

  2. Select a personalization block from the list, or click the Other… menu to access the full list.

  3. The personalization block is then inserted as a script. It is automatically adapted to the recipient profile when personalization is generated.

  4. Browse to the Preview tab and select a recipient to view the content of this block for a specific recipient.

You can include the source code of a personalization block in the delivery content. To do this, select Include the HTML source code of the block when selecting it.

Built-in personalization blocks ootb-personalization-blocks

Built-in personalization blocks are:

  • Enabled by Adobe Campaign: inserts the “Enabled by Adobe Campaign” logo.
  • Formatting function for proper nouns: generates the toSmartCase Javascript function, which changes the first letter of each word to uppercase.
  • Greetings: inserts greetings with the recipient’s full name, followed by a comma. Example: “Hello John Doe,”.
  • Insert logo: inserts a logo which is is defined in the instance settings.
  • Link to mirror page: inserts a link to the mirror page. Default format is: “If you are unable to view this message correctly, click here”.
  • Mirror page URL: inserts the mirror page URL, enabling Delivery Designers to check the link.
  • Offer acceptance URL in unitary mode: inserts an URL enabling to set an offer to Accepted. (This block is available if the Interaction module is enabled)
  • Registration confirmation: inserts a link enabling to confirm subscription.
  • Registration link: inserts a subscription link. This link is defined in the instance settings. The default content is: “To register click here.”
  • Registration link (with referrer): inserts a subscription link, enabling to identify the visitor and delivery. This link is defined in the instance settings.
  • Registration page URL: inserts a subscription URL
  • Style of content emails and Notification style: generate code which format an email with predefined HTML styles.
  • Unsubscription link: inserts a link enabling to unsubscribe from all deliveries (denylist). The default associated content is: “You are receiving this message because you have been in contact with your organization name or an affiliate. To no longer receive messages from your organization name click here.”

Create custom personalization blocks create-custom-personalization-blocks

You can define new personalized content blocks to be inserted from the personalization icon.

To create a personalization block, follow the steps below:

  1. Browse to the Resources > Campaign Management > Personalization blocks folder of Campaign explorer.

  2. Above the list of built-in blocks, click New.

  3. Fill in the settings of the personalization block:

    • Enter the label of the block. This label is displayed in the personalization field insertion window.
    • Select a Delivery content type.
    • Enable the Visible in the customization menus option to make this block accessible from the personalization field insertion icon.
    • If necessary, enable the The content of the personalization block depends upon the format optio, to define two different blocks for HTML and Text emails.
    • Enter the content (in HTML, text, JavaScript, etc.) of the personalization block and click Save.

Once saved, the new personalization block is available in the delivery editor.

Tutorial video personalization-blocks-video

Learn how to create dynamic content blocks and how to use them to personalize the content of your email delivery in the following video.