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WHAT:  It’s tempting to create report suites for each of your sites, but this can quickly become your worst nightmare - both in terms of complicating your reporting as well as your implementation. Having a single global report suite can help in many ways, and really simplify your implementation.

WHY:  Creating a global report suite is your only option for having a unified view of your digital properties and users’ journeys across each property. If you have a mobile app and website, you should always combine the app data and web data in one report suite to take advantage of cross device journeys and track those who visit both properties as a single visitor vs. with separate report suites, where you would have a disjointed data set showing 2 visitors - 1 to each property - with no way of knowing the crossover.

Here are the advantages/disadvantages of having a single report suite to help you weigh your options:

HOW:  Starting with a new AA implementation and using one global report suite is simple and straightforward. You would just need to create the global report suite (one for Dev and one for Prod) in the AA admin UI and apply the same report suite ID (RSID) values across all of your properties.

Migrating from a multi-tagging strategy with a unique report suite per property requires more strategy and planning. A few of the considerations you will need to keep in mind: