WHAT:  For a “baseline” implementation (i.e. what your company considers the must-have KPIs for all Adobe Analytics sites), your org should have a single implementation method where possible. For instance, use the same data layer structure across sites and leveraging the same tag manager rule/custom code to capture things like internal searches or visitor profile information.

WHY:  Having a repeatable and scalable baseline implementation makes adding new elements or new sites/apps a streamlined, low effort endeavor while also keeping your implementation clean and easy to troubleshoot. Using a uniform method also makes it easier for new admins/developers to come online and understand what they are working with.

HOW:  Adopt a single format template to hand off to developers when a new site or tagging enhancement comes online. Typically, a word doc works well where you can outline the following items:

AA Variable
When/Where to Set
How to Set
Internal Search Keywords
On landing of internal search results page
data layer
Count of Internal Searches
On landing of internal search results page
Launch rule

Ideally, this document will only need to be tweaked for the next site where you update the basics like property name, page naming convention, etc. No need to reinvent the wheel each time, and you can save more time.