Add or edit a table block in Reporting Canvas

A table displays field information in columns that can be filtered, grouped, and sorted.


Before you begin, you must enroll in the Reporting Canvas beta. For more information, see Reporting Canvas beta: overview.

Add or edit a table block

  1. Click the Main Menu icon in the upper-right corner of Adobe Workfront, then click Reporting.

  2. Click New report.


    Go to an existing report, click the More icon in the report header, then click Edit.

  3. On the right side of the screen under Add a block, either:

    Drag the Table icon onto the canvas directly to your desired location.


    Double-click the Table icon to add a table to the top of the canvas.

    note tip
    You can change the size of the block after it is placed by dragging its corner handles.
  4. Click Untitled table in the table header, then type a title for the table.

  5. Click Edit in the center of the table block to configure the table.

    note note
    If the table was already part of the canvas (such as when editing an existing report), the Edit button does not display in the center of the block. To edit the table, click the Edit icon in the table header instead.
  6. In the Fields panel on the right, locate a field that you want to add as a column to the table, then either drag it onto the table where you want it or double-click it to add it as the last column in the table.

    You can type text in the Search box to find a specific field by name. You can also use the two drop-down menus under this box to narrow the list of displayed fields to one or both of the following:

    • The object type associated with the field you want, such as Project or Task
    • The field type you want, such as Date or Currency

    Repeat this step for each field that you want to add as a column.

    note tip
    You can change the order of columns in a table by dragging a selected column to a new position.
  7. Do any of the following to configure the table further:

    • Add a formula field: Click New + at the top of the Fields list. For more instructions on creating a formula field, see Build a formula field in Reporting Canvas.
    • Add a filter: Drag the field that you want the table to be filtered by onto the Filter section above the table. For more information on setting up filter rules, see Filter a table in Reporting Canvas.
    • Group rows by specific attributes:┬áDrag the field that you want the table to be grouped by onto the Group section above the table. For more information on creating row groups, see Group table rows in Reporting Canvas.