Create connections in Adobe Workfront Fusion

A connection must adhere to the requirements set by the API of the app or web service it connects to. For this reason, instructions for setting up a connection vary based on the app or web service. This article can help you identify and locate the instructions for connecting Adobe Workfront Fusion to your chosen app or web service.

Access requirements

You must have the following access to use the functionality in this article:

Adobe Workfront plan*
Pro or higher
Adobe Workfront license*
Plan, Work
Adobe Workfront Fusion license**

Current license requirement: No Workfront Fusion license requirement.


Legacy license requirement: Workfront Fusion for Work Automation and Integration


Current product requirement: If you have the Select or Prime Adobe Workfront Plan, your organization must purchase Adobe Workfront Fusion as well as Adobe Workfront to use functionality described in this article. Workfront Fusion is included in the Ultimate Workfront plan.


Legacy product requirement: Your organization must purchase Adobe Workfront Fusion as well as Adobe Workfront to use functionality described in this article.

To find out what plan, license type, or access you have, contact your Workfront administrator.

For information on Adobe Workfront Fusion licenses, see Adobe Workfront Fusion licenses.

Connect Adobe Workfront to Workfront Fusion

Workfront and Workfront Fusion are designed to work together. The connection you create determines the account that Workfront Fusion uses to perform actions in Workfront.

For instructions, see Connect Workfront to Workfront Fusion in Adobe Workfront modules.

Connect to an app or web service that does not require configuration

In most cases, you can use the module to create a connection with little or no extra information. Workfront Fusion handles the authentication automatically.

For instructions on creating a connection with no special considerations, see Create a connection to Adobe Workfront Fusion - Basic instructions.

Connect to a Microsoft app or web service

Most of the Microsoft apps in Workfront Fusion allow you to create a connection with no extra information.

The following circumstances do require extra steps in creating a connection:

Connect to a Google app or web service

The process for connecting to Google apps may differ based on what kind of Google account you are using. In addition, Google security measures may require extra configuration when you are connecting to Workfront Fusion.

For more information see:

Other apps that require additional configuration

The following apps do not follow the basic configuration for Workfront Fusion connections. You can find instructions for connecting these apps in the article for that app.

App / Web Service
Additional information about connections
Adobe Workfront
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Azure DevOps
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Connect DocuSign to Workfront Fusion in DocuSign modules
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Jira Cloud
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Jira Server
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MS Dynamics
Connect Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Workfront Fusion in Microsoft Dynamics 365 modules
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