Understand the resource capacity chart

The Resource capacity chart shows the number of planned hours assigned to a home team within the filtered time period compared to the team’s total available hours.

This comparison can help you determine if you’re not assigning enough work to the team or if they may be experiencing burnout from a heavy workload. Click a team name and a Team capacity chart appears, showing more details about the team’s capacity for the filtered time period.

Seeing this information helps you determine:

  • If a home team was overallocated or under allocated.
  • Which home teams are available for work.

An image showing a resource capacity chart with numbers on areas described in the bullets below

On the chart, you can see the following key details:

  1. Home team names are on the left.
  2. Hours are across the bottom. This is the x axis of the chart and calculates to the range of hours displayed in the teams above.
  3. The circle shows the number of planned hours assigned to the home team.
  4. The vertical line shows the total number of hours available for the home team.

How to navigate to the chart

  1. Click on the People tab in the left panel.
  2. Use the Filter to choose one or more Home teams to examine.
  3. You will see the Resource capacity chart appear below the team activity chart.

How to use the chart

You must add filters and select a date range to display data on the charts in the Enhanced analytics area of Workfront. If you added filters previously, they are active until you remove them.

An image showing a resource capacity chart

On the Resource capacity chart, you can:

  • Hover over the home team line to see how many hours are still available to be scheduled, the amount of hours planned for the home team to complete, and the total number of hours worked (labeled as over, under, or at capacity).
  • Export the chart data using the export button in the top-right corner of the chart.
  • Click the home team name to open the Team capacity chart. Zooming in to a smaller timeframe on the Team capacity chart updates the data that appears on the Resource capacity chart.