Close a project activity

Find a Workfront project you’ve been practicing with during your training and get it ready to close out. Complete these Workfront steps:

  • Close tasks and issues
  • Resolve approvals
  • Upload documents
  • Review logged hours (if applicable)
  • Review financial information (if applicable)
  • Change the project status

Talk with your manager or internal Workfront team to learn what steps you should follow to close a project at your organization. Which of these steps are in Workfront? Which are outside Workfront?

As a project manager, holding “lessons learned” sessions can provide valuable information.

  • Think about some of the projects you’ve managed in the past year. What types of questions would you ask or information would you gather in a “lessons learned” session?
  • Decide if you want to incorporate “lessons learned” into your projects. Then decide how. For example you could do something informal, such as a quick standup with your team. Or it could be built into your project plan.