Integrate Target with Audience Manager


In this video, you learn how to:

  • Integrate Adobe Target with Adobe Audience Manager

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Hi, I’m Mike Minor with Adobe, and in this video we’re going to quickly cover how to integrate Adobe Target with Adobe Audience Manager.
Our objective is, as mentioned, simply explain how you can integrate Adobe Target with Adobe Audience Manager, and use the segments from Audience Manager and Adobe Target. So let’s go ahead and explain to you how to do that. There’s two things that are required for this to be done. First of all, you need to have the Experience Cloud ID service implemented on your site. Whether that be through Adobe Launch or another method, it doesn’t matter, it simply needs to be on your site and running on every single page column. The second thing that you need is the People Core Services provisioned for your environment. If you don’t know whether or not you have it, the easiest way to check is simply come into the Experience Cloud, click on the Solution Switcher Widget in the top right, and see if you can click on People. When you click on it, if it brings you to this page that I was on, the Audience Library and Customer Attributes site, that means you have a provision. If not, you’ll want to go to to request that it be provisioned.
What happens when you have this implementation in place, or what do you get? So let’s jump over to our Audience Manager, and as you can see in here, I’ve navigated to Audience Data and Segments, and in here I’ve created several segments. Now, I have given the names of the segments to include where these were created. As you can see, I’ve created three of these segments here in Audience Manager. Now, there’s another video we have that goes over more details of how all of these are shared across the different applications that are available. But as you can see here, I have this segment, Experience Pages, Audience Manager, Homepage Audience Manager, and Women’s Page Audience Manager. Once that integration is set up, I will be able to see those segments in Target. So over here in my audience section of Target, I can see my experience pages from Audience Manager, my homepage segment from Audience Manager, and my women’s page from Audience Manager. In reality, what you’re doing is making it available to use your Audience Manager segments in Adobe Target, both for who sees the content and on the back end when you’re doing reporting. So now hopefully, you understand how to integrate Target with Adobe Audience Manager and the benefits of doing so.

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