On-Device Decisioning Overview


Adobe Target on-device decisioning enables near-zero latency content delivery. This 7-minute video:

  • Describes on-device decisioning, including how it compares to other methods of Target implementation
  • Demonstrates how to enable on-device decisioning in Target
  • Examines a sample form-based composer activity that has been configured with JSON content
  • Shows sample Node.JS SDK code containing key configuration required for on-device decisioning
  • Demonstrates results in a browser


By the end of this video, you will be able to:

  • Describe on-device decisioning and its benefits
  • Enable on-device decisioning in Target
  • Create a form-based composer activity intended for use with on-device decisioning
  • Learn more about the SDK configuration required for on-device decisioning by visiting the Adobe Target SDK documentation
  • Understand what end users will experience for content delivered using on-device decisioning

Intended Audience

  • Architects

For more information, see On-device decisioning overview in the Adobe Target Developer guide.