Add location context to Analytics requests run-reports-aa-locserv-data

This document assumes that you have Places Service implemented in your application. For more information about implementing Places Service, see Places extensions.

After Places Service sends the entry and exit events, you can create rules in Experience Platform Launch and attach your Places Service data to all Adobe Analytics events. To create this type of rule, select your property in Launch and complete the following steps:

1. Create a rule

  1. On the Rules tab, click Create New Rule.

    Remember the following information:

    • If you do not have existing rules for this property, the Create New Rule button will be in the middle of the screen.
    • If your property has rules, the Create New Rule button will be in the top right of the screen.

2.Select an event

  1. Give your rule a meaningful name so it will be easily recognizable in your list of Rules.

    In this example, the Rule is named Attach Places Service Data to Analytics Track Action Events.

  2. Under the Events section, click Add.

  3. From the Extension drop-down list, select Mobile Core.

  4. From the Event Type drop-down list, select Track Action.

Now you can determine the triggers that you want to include for this Rule. In this example, the trigger is based on all TrackAction calls. After you configure the Event, click Keep Changes.

"create an event"

3. Add conditions

Complete this procedure to add Conditions to your rule. Otherwise, skip to the Define the Action section below.

In this example, a Condition is created that causes the Rule to trigger only for AT&T customers.

  1. Under the Conditions section, click Add.

  2. From the Extension drop-down list, select Mobile Core.

  3. From the Condition Type drop-down list, select Carrier Name.

  4. In the window on the right, select the AT&T checkbox.

  5. Click Keep Changes.

"create a condition"

4. Define the action

  1. Under the Actions section, click Add.

  2. From the Extension drop-down list, select Mobile Core.

  3. From the Action Type drop-down list, select Attach Data.

  4. On the right pane, in the JSON Payload field, type the data that will be added to this Event.

  5. Click Keep Changes.

On the right pane, you can add a freeform JSON payload that adds data to an SDK event before an extension that is listening for this event can hear the event. In this example, some context data is added to this event before the Analytics extension processes it. The added context data will now be on the outgoing Analytics hit.

In the following example, and values are added to the context data of the Analytics event. The values for the new keys are dynamically determined by the SDK when this event processes.

"create an action"

5. Save the rule and rebuild your property

After you complete your configuration, verify that your Rule looks like the following image:

"the rule is complete."

  1. Click Save

  2. Rebuild your Launch property and deploy it to the correct Environment.