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The following information helps you understand data elements and how to create and publish them.

About data elements

Data elements are the building blocks for the application’s data dictionary and are used to collect, organize, and deliver data across marketing and ad technology.

A data element is a variable where the value can be mapped to a Visitor ID, a Carrier Name, an Advertising ID, a Push ID and so on. In Experience Platform Launch, you can reference this value by its variable name. This collection of data elements becomes the dictionary of defined data that you can use to build your rules (events, conditions, and actions), and this dictionary is shared across Experience Platform Launch where it can be used with any extension in your property.

With the Places extension, you can reference values from the following targets:

  • Current POI, which refers to the POI in which your customer is currently located.

    If the user is located in multiple POIs, the one belongs to the library with higher rank is picked. If multiple POIs belong to the highest rank library, the one with the smallest radius is picked.

  • Last exited POI, which refers to the most recent POI that the user exited.

  • Last entered POI, which refers to the most recent POI that the user entered.

Each POI contains the following data references:

  • Category: category of the POI
  • City: city of the POI
  • Country: country of the POI
  • Latitude: latitude of the POI
  • Longitude: longitude of the POI
  • Metadata: custom metadata of the POI
  • Name: name of the POI
  • Radius: radius of the POI
  • Region ID: ID of the POI
  • Region/State: region, province or state of the POI

Create a data element

  1. In the Property page for your app, click the Data Elements tab.

  2. Click Create New Data Element.

  3. In the list of installed extensions, find Places.

  4. In the Data Element Type drop-down list, select a data reference for this data element.

  5. Select a POI target.

  6. If this data element is a custom metadata reference, select a metadata key.

  7. Type a name for the data element and click Save.

    Create data element

Use a data element

After a data element is created, if a data element picker is present, you can use the data element from any rule component.

Use the data element

If a data element picker is not present in the rule component, you can use the data element by wrapping the data element name with the %% tokens.
For example, if the data element name is Last POI City, you may add LAST POI City to a text input.

Publish data elements

If data elements are used in any of the rule components, these data elements must also be included in the library and published.