Syncing Offline Campaigns

This lesson covers how to sync Salesforce CRM Campaigns with Marketo Measure - individually or in bulk.

Lesson six, syncing Salesforce campaigns with Bizible.
If you’re managing a large number of offline campaigns, you may want to create a new list view in your CRM so that you can easily update your campaigns either individually or in bulk. In this lesson, we will cover how to create such a list and assign attribution touchpoints to your offline marketing campaigns. First, let’s create a new list view and populate it with the fields that you will need to edit your offline campaigns. Create a new list and in the campaigns tab, make sure that the enabled Bizible touchpoints field, as well as the type fields are both included in the view. Keep in mind that Salesforce doesn’t allow you to bulk edit multiple campaign record types in a single list view. I’m not using them here in the demo environment, but you may run into this.
Now, let’s add a rule to populate this list view with all of the campaigns that do not have a value in the enabled Bizible touchpoints field so that we can go in and change this field for multiple campaigns at once.
The rule will read enable Bizible touchpoints in the field column equals in the operator column and blank in the value column. Click save and check out your new offline campaign list view.
Now, let’s make a bulk change to a selection of campaigns. Say for instance, that we want to add attribution to all of the campaigns with the partner marketing type. To do this, simply select all of the campaigns with this type. Double click under the Enable Bizible Touchpoints field. Select the value that you want to use. Click select all, and then save. All of these campaigns will now be eligible for Bizible attribution touchpoints.
Now let’s look at how you can bulk update a touchpoint date for your offline Salesforce campaigns. Sometimes campaign members may not respond to your marketing events for weeks or months after the event happened. In this case, you’ll want to manually update the Bizible touchpoint date field, which is located on the campaign member object. As we learned in lesson four, the touchpoint date for an offline campaign will vary depending on whether you have include all campaign members or include only responded selected in your enable Bizible touchpoints field. Include all campaign members will use the created date of a new campaign member, while include only responded will use the response date of the campaign member as the touchpoint date. If you want to modify the touchpoint date for a single campaign member, you can do so on the page layout or if you want to mass edit the touchpoint date for multiple campaign members, you can click on the bulk update touchpoint date button which will open a window that you can use to update the touchpoint date for some campaign. For instance, if we click on the include all records button, enter the touchpoint date we wish to assign, and then click on update selected records, all of the campaign member records for the selected campaign will be updated accordingly.