Mapping Offline Channels

This lesson covers the mapping of offline channels to Marketo Measure with the Salesforce Campaign object and the campaign Types field.

Lesson 5, Mapping Offline Channels. Offline marketing attribution in Bizible uses the Salesforce campaign object to collect touchpoint and other information about your offline marketing campaigns. Within the campaign object, there is a field called the Type field which Bizible uses to map the different campaigns into specific channels and sub-channels.
This field will contain different values you specify such as events, mailers, conferences, and so on that you would like to attribute touchpoints to. When mapping your offline campaigns to channels and sub-channel in Bizible, you will select from a list of the different types that you have in your Salesforce org.
After connecting Bizible to your CRM and enabling touchpoints on some offline campaigns, Bizible will display the enabled campaigns in a list by their campaign type field in the offline channel set up menu.
At this stage, mapping your offline channels is simply a matter of using the dropdown menus as desired.
You can map campaign types to channels without using a sub-channel if you wish.
When you’re finished, simply click Save.