Create a content experiment content-experiment

Before starting with Content Experiment, make sure that your reporting configuration is set for your custom datasets. Learn more in this section.

The Journey Optimizer Content Experiment enables you to define multiple delivery treatments in order to measure which one performs best for your target audience. You can choose to vary the delivery content, subject, or sender. The audience of interest is randomly allocated to each treatment to determine which one works best in terms of the specified metric.

In the example below, the delivery target has been split into two groups, each representing 45% of the targeted population, and a holdout group of 10%, who will not receive the delivery.

Each person in the targeted audience will receive one version of an email, with a subject line that is one of the following two:

  • one directly promoting a 10% offer on the new collection and an image.
  • the other one only advertising a special offer without specifying the 10% off without any image.

The goal here is to see if recipients will interact with the email depending on the received experiment. We therefore will choose Email Opens as the primary goal metric in this Content Experiment.

Create your campaign campaign-experiment

  1. From the Campaigns page, click Create campaign.

  2. Select your channel then the Surface you want to use for this delivery and click Create. For more on this, refer to the Channel surfaces page.

    In this example, we choose to send a campaign using emails.

  3. Set up the Properties of your delivery:

    • Name
    • Description
  4. Define the audience to target. To do this, click the Select audience button to display the list of available Adobe Experience Platform audiences. Learn more on audiences

    In the Identity namespace field, choose the namespace to use in order to identify the individuals from the selected audience. Learn more

  5. In the Actions tracking section, specify if you want to track how your recipients react to your delivery: you can track clicks and/or opens.

    Tracking results will be accessible from the campaign report once the campaign has been executed.

  6. To execute your campaign on a specific date or on a recurring frequency, configure the Schedule section. Learn more

  7. Click Edit content to start personalizing your delivery.

  8. From the Edit content window, start personalizing the treatment A.

    For this treatment, we will specify the special offer directly in the subject line and add personalization.

Configure your content experiment configure-experiment

  1. When your message is personalized, from the campaign summary page, click Create experiment to start configuring your content experiment.

  2. Select the Success metric you want to set for your experiment.

    For this example, select Email open to test if profiles open their emails if the promo code is in the subject line.

  3. When setting up an experiment using the In-app or Web channel and choosing the Inbound Clicks, Unique Inbound Clicks , Page Views , or Unique Page Views metrics , the Click Action drop-down enables you to precisely track and monitor clicks and views on specific pages.

  4. Click Add treatment to create as many new treatment as needed.

  5. Change the Title of your treatment to better differentiate them.

  6. Choose to add a Holdout group to your delivery. This group will not receive any content from this campaign.

    Switching on the toggle bar will automatically take 10% of your population, you can adjust this percentage if needed.

  7. You can then choose to allocate a precise percentage to each Treatment or simply switch on the Distribute evenly toggle bar.

  8. Click Create when your configuration is set.

Design your treatments treatment-experiment

  1. From the Edit content window, select your treatment B to change the content.

    Here, we choose to not specify the offer in the Subject line.

  2. Click Edit email body to further personalize your treatment B.

  3. After designing your treatments, click More actions to access options related to your treatments: Rename, Duplicate and Delete.

  4. If needed, access the Experiment settings menu to change your treatments configuration.

  5. Once your message content has been defined, click the Simulate content button to control the rendering of your delivery, and check personalization settings with test profiles. Learn more

  6. When your content experiment is ready, from your Campaign summary page, you can click Review to activate to display a summary of the campaign. Alerts display if any parameter is incorrect or missing.

  7. Check that your campaign is correctly configured, then click Activate to launch it.

After configuring your experimentation and campaign, you can follow the success of your delivery with the Campaign report. Learn more