Release Notes for Feature Pack 202401 release-notes-for-screens-feature-pack

Adobe recommends that you upgrade to the latest version of 6.5 Adobe Experience Manager (AEM 6.5). Get the latest version information from here.

Availability availability

AEM Screens released AEM 6.5 Feature Pack 11.1.

You can download the latest Feature Pack for AEM Screens Release from the Software Distribution Portal using your Adobe ID. Navigate to the Adobe Experience Manager tab and search for Screens to get the latest Feature Pack titled as AEM 6.5 Screens FP11.1.

Release Date release-date

The Release Date for AEM Screens Feature Pack 202204 is January 02, 2024.

What’s New what-is-new

This release includes security fixes only.

Bug Fixes bug-fixes

  • XSS issue at AEM Screens device “Idle text” field. (SCRNS-2614)

  • XSS issue at screens/dashboard/device.html by way of the Clear cache action dialog. (SCRNS-2632)

  • XSS issue in screens player configuration at libs/screens/player/browser/firmware.html. (SCRNS-2652)

  • Stored XSS in devices title triggers when a device is deleted. (SCRNS-2653)

  • XSS issue at /libs/screens/core/components/device/info.json.html. (SCRNS-2659)

  • Reflected XSS with the parameter item at /screens/register-device-wizard.html. (SCRNS-2670)

  • Reflected XSS in screens/dashboard/device.html by way of the returnPage parameter. (SCRNS-3056)

  • Open Redirect on assign-device-wizard.html. (SCRNS-3444)

  • Open Redirect on device dashboard. (SCRNS-3443)

  • XSS issue at libs/screens/dcc/components/clientlibs/actions/cq.screens.dcc.openLink.js. (SCRNS-3459)

  • Fixed, Missing Recurrence Schedule and Add Schedule Buttons: A Problem Discovered in Channel Scheduling. (SCRNS-2739)