Creating and Managing a Live Copy creating-and-managing-a-live-copy

This page describes creating and managing Live Copies of channels.

A Live Copy is a copy of specific site content for which a live relationship with the original source is maintained. This live relationship allows the live copy to inherit content and page properties from the source.

This page describes creating a live copy of a channel, viewing properties, checking status, and propagating changes from a channel to its live copy.

Creating a Live Copy creating-a-live-copy

Follow the steps below to create a live copy of a channel in your project folder.

  1. Click the Adobe Experience Manager link (top left) and then Screens. Alternatively, you can go directly to: http://localhost:4502/screens.html/content/screens.

  2. Navigate to Screens project and click Channels.

  3. Click Create and click Live Copy so you can create a live copy of the channel.

  4. Click the destination and click Next.

  5. Click the location where the live copy can reside.

  6. Enter the Title and Name in the Create Live Copy page.

  7. Click Open to view the contents of the new live copy or Done to return to the main page.

Alternatively, see the steps below for visual representation for creating a new live copy of a channel.

The following example shows the creation of a live copy (IdleLiveCopy) for Idle Channel with the destination folder as Channels.


Viewing Content of the Live Copy Channel viewing-content-of-the-live-copy-channel

A live copy is a copy of a channel that exists.

To view the content of your live copy, see the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Screens project and click the location where you originally created a live copy as shown in the section above. (Here, the location was chosen as the Channels folder)


  2. Click Edit from the action bar.


    note note
    When viewing content for a live copy channel, you view an extra item in the menu as Live Copy Status. See the section below for more details.

Viewing Properties of a Live Copy viewing-properties-of-a-live-copy

Also, you can view the properties of your live copy channel.

  1. Navigate to your live copy channel and click Properties from the action bar.


  2. Click the Live Copy tab so you can view details of your channel.


Live Copy Status live-copy-status

The mode Live Copy Status, as shown in the figure below, lets you view the relationship status of all the assets in the channel.

  1. Click Edit so you can choose the Live Copy Status. You can also view the association of your channel content to the original channel from which the live copy is generated.


  2. Click Live Copy Status so you can display the preview page.

    All the resources with green border show that the content is inherited from the original channel.


Breaking the Inheritance breaking-the-inheritance

You can also cancel the inheritance from the live copy, so the content becomes independent of the original branch.

The following example shows that you click the image in the edit mode and click the cancel inheritance symbol on the top right.


Propagating Changes to the Live Copy Channel propagating-changes-to-the-live-copy-channel

If you make changes or updates in the original channel, propagate those changes to your live copy channel too.

Follow the steps below to ensure that your changes are propagated from the original channel to the live copy channel:

  1. Click the original channel (Idle Channel) and click Edit from the action bar.


  2. Make edits to this channel content. For example, delete an image from this channel.


  3. Click the live copy of the channel (IdleLiveCopy) and click Edit from the action bar. Notice that the image you deleted is still visible in the live copy.

    To propagate the changes, synchronize the channel.


  4. To propagate changes to the live copy channel, navigate to the AEM dashboard and click the live copy channel and click Properties from the action bar.


  5. Click the Live Copy tab and click Synchronize from the action bar.


  6. Click Sync, then click Save & Close to navigate back to the AEM dashboard.


    Notice that the image is now deleted from the live copy channel too.