Tutorial Set up

The latest version of AEM and AEM WCM Core Components is always recommended.

Prior to starting this tutorial ensure the following AEM instances are installed and running on your local machine:

  • AEM Author on port 4502
  • AEM Publish on port 4503

WKND Mobile Application Packages wknd-mobile-application-packages

Install the following AEM Content Packages on both AEM Author and AEM Publish, using AEM Package Manager.

In Chapter 7 we will run the WKND Mobile Android Mobile App using Android Studio and the provided APK (Android Application Package):

Chapter AEM Content Packages

This set of content packages creates content and configuration described in the associated chapter, and all preceding chapters. These packages are optional but can expedite content creation.

Source Code

The source code for both the AEM project and the Android Mobile App are available on the AEM Guides - WKND Mobile GitHub Project. The source code does not need to be built or modified for this tutorial, it is provided to allow for fully transparency in how all aspects of tutorial are built.

If you find an issue with the tutorial or the code, please leave a GitHub issue.

Skip to the end

In order to skip to the end of the tutorial, the com.adobe.aem.guides.wknd-mobile.content.chapter-5.zip content package can be installed on both AEM Author and AEM Publish. Note that content and configuration will not show as published in AEM Author, however due to the manual deployment, all the requisite content and configuration is available on AEM Publish allowing the WKND Mobile App to access the content.

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