Article-based publishing from the Web Editor id218CL05J0M1

AEM Guides comes with an article-based publishing feature integrated inside the Web Editor that allows the users to publish one or more topics simultaneously.

This engine also comes with an OOTB content template, built on top of AEM core components, that lets users create a knowledge-based repository of the technical content. This template can be customized to suit the needs of the customers.This engine allows the users to build the DITA map in an additive fashion and publish topics as and when they are ready. You can easily create the output presets for your map opened in the Map View panel and quickly generate the output for one or more topics of the same map.

If you have updated the content only for a few topics in your DITA map, you do not always have to publish the entire map. You can select and publish only the updated topics from the Web Editor.

Article-based publishing is applicable only for AEM Site output.

For article-based publishing, you need to create the output preset for your DITA map from the Web Editor. Your map must include the topics that you want to publish. You can also apply conditions and specify the AEM Site details for the output preset. Then, you can generate output using the Generate Preset feature.

You can also use the output presets created for your DITA map to generate the output from the Repository panel or the Map view panel. You can generate the output for one or more topics, or for the entire DITA map.

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