Output Presets

An Output Preset is a collection of publishing properties that have been assigned to a map. These can be created or modified if needed.

Accessing Output Presets

An output preset is shown when a map in the XML Editor is opened in the Map Dashboard. Presets may include information about a specific output type, destination path, instructions on how to manage existing output pages, and other settings that can be applied to a map to generate output.


Creating an Output Preset

NOTE: Some of the features used by an output preset may be dependent on first developing a baseline or a condition preset. If these are required you must configure them using the appropriate tabs.
  1. Select a baseline output preset. For example, AEM or PDF could be selected if the new preset to create is for a site or to provide Adobe PDF content.

  2. Click Create.

  3. If required, select an Output Type.

  4. Based on the output type further configure the options.

  5. Click Done.

Edit an Output Preset

Output presets are predefined but can be customized as needed.

  1. Open the Map Dashboard.

  2. Select the Output Presets tab.

  3. Select an output preset.

  4. Click Edit.

  5. Modify the settings as required.


  6. Click Done.