Spell Check and Find/Replace

The AEM Guides Editor has powerful spell check and Find and Replace capabilities.

Correct a spelling error

  1. Locate an error in an open topic, shown with a red underline.

  2. Press and hold Ctrl + click the secondary mouse button within the word.

  3. Choose the correct spelling from the suggestions.

If the correct spelling is not suggested, you can always manually edit the word.

Switch to AEM Spell Check

You may want to use a spell check tool other than the browser’s default dictionary.

  1. Navigate to Editor Settings.

  2. Select the General settings tab.

    Spell Check Config

  3. There are two options:

    • Browser Spell Check — the default setting where spell check uses the browser’s built-in dictionary.

    • AEM Spell Check — use this to build a custom word list using AEM’s custom dictionary.

  4. Choose AEM Spell Check.

  5. Click Save.

Configure a custom dictionary

The Administrator can change the settings so that the AEM dictionary recognizes custom words such as company names.

  1. Navigate to the Tools pane.

  2. Log in to CRXDE Lite.

    AEM UI CRXDE Lite Icon

  3. Navigate to the /apps/fmdita/config node.

    CRXDE Lite Config Node

  4. Create a new file.

    a. Right-click on the config folder.

    b. Choose Create > Create File.

    New Dictionary File Creation

    c. Name the file user_dictionary.txt.

    User Dictionary text

    d. Click OK.

  5. Open the file.

  6. Add a list of words you want to include in your custom dictionary.

  7. Click Save All.

  8. Close the file.

Authors may need to restart their Web Editor session to get the updated custom word list in the AEM Dictionary.

Find and Replace in a single file

  1. Click the Find and Replace icon on the top toolbar.

    Find Replace Icon

  2. In the bottom toolbar, type a word or phrase.

  3. Click Find.

  4. If required, type a word to replace the found word.

  5. Click Replace.

Find and Replace across the Repository

  1. Navigate to the Repository.

  2. Click the Find and Replace icon at the bottom left of the screen.

  3. Click the Show Settings icon.

  4. Choose either

    • Checkout file before replace — if enabled by an Administrator, the file will be checked out automatically before replacing search terms.

    • Whole word only — restricts the search to return only the exact word or phrase entered.

    Find Replace in Repository

  5. Click the Apply Filter icon to select the path in the Repository where you want to perform the search.

  6. Enter the terms to Find and Replace.

  7. If required, select Create new version after replace.

  8. Click Find.

  9. Open the desired file and use the arrows to navigate from one found result to the next.

    Find Replace Navigation UI