Maps and Bookmaps

Adobe Experience Manager Guides’ Map Editor allows you to create and edit map files. Using the Map Editor, you can edit two types of files — DITA map and bookmap. For our purposes, consider these to be largely interchangeable concepts.
The Map Editor comes in two modes — the Basic Map Editor and the Advanced Map Editor.

Create a map

AEM Guides provides two out-of-the-box map templates — DITA map and bookmap. You can also create your own map templates and share those with your authors to create map files.

Perform the following steps to create a map file.

  1. In the Assets UI, navigate to the location where you want to create the map file.

  2. Click Create > DITA Map.

  3. On the Blueprint page, select the type of map templates you want to use and click Next.

  4. On the Properties page, enter a Title and Name for the map.

  5. Click Create.

Opening a map with the Advanced Map Editor

  1. In the Assets UI, select the map to be edited.

  2. Click Edit Topics.

    Edit Topic UI


  1. Hover the mouse over the map icon.

  2. Select Edit Topics from the Action menu.

Adding content to a map or bookmap

  1. Navigate to the Repository View.

  2. Drag and drop content from the Repository View into valid locations in the map or bookmap.


  1. Click in a valid location within the map or bookmap.

  2. Click the appropriate Toolbar Icon to add chapters, topics, or topicrefs.

    Toolbar Icons

  3. Choose one or more Assets you wish to add.

  4. Click Select.

Promote or demote elements in a map

Use Toolbar Arrows to promote or demote chapters and topicrefs in a map or bookmap.

  1. Select an element in the map.

  2. Click the Left Arrow to promote a topicref to a chapter, or the Right Arrow to demote a chapter to a topicref.

    Arrow Icons

  3. Save and version the map if required.


  1. Drag and drop elements to reorganize them.

Adding metadata to a map

  1. From the Map Toolbar, insert a topicgroup.

    Add Attribute

  2. Click the Plus Icon to insert elements.

  3. Choose elements to insert.

    Insert Metadata

  4. Click Close.

Adding a reltable to a map

A reltable can be added after a map is structured.

  1. Click in the map where you want to insert the reltable.

  2. Use the Toolbar Icon to add the reltable to the map.

    Reltable Icon

  3. Configure the dialog.

  4. Click Insert.

  5. Drag and drop required topics from the Repository into the reltable.

  6. Copy and paste required elements from the map into the reltable using standard keyboard shortcuts.

Assign attributes to topicrefs in a map

  1. Highlight a topicref or nested collection of topicrefs in the map.

  2. Under Other Attributes in the Content Properties panel, choose an Attribute and its Value.

    Add Attributes