Environment Provisioning environments-provisioning

Learn how your environments are provisioned as part of the Cloud Manager onboarding process.

Provisioning provisioning

During the onboarding process, all the AEM cloud environments that you have purchased are automatically provisioned by Adobe and linked back to their program in Cloud Manager. These AEM cloud environments are included in every Adobe Managed Services subscription and are usually comprised of at least one production environment, one staging environment, and optionally one or more development or testing environments.

Welcome Email welcome-email

Upon completion of the environment provisioning process, the designated customer administrator receives a welcome email with the confirmation they have been granted access to Adobe Experience Cloud. The welcome email contains detailed information on how to get started with Experience Cloud services, AEM Managed Services cloud environments, as well as Cloud Manager self-service portal. Additionally, the email contains important information such as the Customer Success Engineer (CSE) contact information, where to go for support resources, forums, FAQs, and much more. In the list of resources provided in the email, you will also get details on how to access Cloud Manager for your AEM cloud environments.

Next Steps next-steps

After receiving the welcome email, you are ready to log in to Cloud Manager as a system administrator, using your Adobe IMS credentials. Once logged in, you will be able to verify that your AEM cloud production and non-production environments are available and running successfully.

These AEM cloud environments will be used by Cloud Manager to execute the CI/CD pipeline when deploying your code, starting from Cloud Manager’s git repository, through the staging environment, and up to your AEM production environment. You will also be able to access your AEM cloud environments directly from Cloud Manager when you are ready to start creating digital experiences for your web properties.