Release Notes for Cloud Manager Release 2022.8.0 release-notes

This page documents the release notes for Cloud Manager release 2022.8.0.

For the latest release notes for Cloud Manager in AEM as a Cloud Service, refer to Cloud Manager in AEM as a Cloud Service’s current release notes.

Release Date release-date

The release date for Cloud Manager release 2022.8.0 is 11 August 2022. The next release is planned for 9 September 2022.

What’s New what-is-new

  • Under certain scenarios, a silent re-try mechanism will help ensure that the deployment pipeline does not result in an error state.
  • The AEM Project Archetype included in Cloud Manager was updated to version 37.

Bug Fixes bug-fixes

  • Certain cases of infrequent repository creation failures have been made more resilient.
  • Rare occurrences of VSTS org set up errors are now reduced due to retries introduced.