Release Notes for 2021.6.0 release-notes-for

The following section outlines the general Release Notes for Cloud Manager Release 2021.6.0.

Refer to Current Release Notes to see the latest release notes for Cloud Manager in AEM as a Cloud Service.

Release Date release-date

The Release Date for Cloud Manager Version 2021.6.0 is June 10, 2021.
The next release is planned for July 15, 2021.

What’s New whats-new

  • Assets and Sites tests will now run in parallel (when applicable), thereby reducing the total pipeline execution time. This feature will be enabled for customers over the next several weeks.

  • Maven Dependencies downloaded during the build step will now be cached between pipeline executions. This feature will be enabled for customers over the next several weeks.

  • The default branch name used during both project creation and in the default push command via manage git workflows has been changed to main.

  • Edit program experience in the UI has been refreshed. Refer to Editing a Program to learn more.

  • The quality rule ImmutableMutableMixCheck has been updated to classify /oak:index nodes as being immutable.

  • The quality rules CQBP-84 and CQBP-84--dependencies have been consolidated into a single rule. As part of this consolidation, the scanning of dependencies more accurately identifies issues in third party dependencies which are being deployed to the AEM runtime.

  • In some situations, a failure to calculate the Skipped Tests metric would cause pipeline executions to fail.

Bug Fixes bug-fixes

  • JCR node definitions containing a newline after the root element name were not correctly parsed.

  • List repositories API would not filter deleted repositories.

  • An incorrect error message was displayed when an invalid value was provided for the schedule step.

  • In some cases when the pipeline execution reached deploy to production step, and user stops execution, the deploy status message in the UI did not correctly reflect what was actually happening.