Release Notes for 2020.4.0 release-notes-for

The following section outlines the general Release Notes for Cloud Manager Release 2020.4.0.

Release Date release-date

The Release Date for Cloud Manager Version 2020.4.0 is April 09, 2020.

What’s New whats-new

  • Changes to navigation Cloud Manager overview page to allow user to edit or switch program.
  • Changes to allow user to Edit program from the program card on Cloud Manager landing page.
  • New pipeline status Pipeline Running displayed against the environment it is associated with.
  • Improvements to pipeline execution page comprehensibility. This includes display of Pipeline name (non-production pipeline only) and Type, and a badge to indicate if the pipeline status is In Progress/Cancelled/Failed.
  • The process used to generate git passwords has been made more resilient to issues in the underlying service layer.

Bug Fixes bug-fixes

  • Monitoring data could sometimes be displayed in an incorrect fashion or not at all based on minor variances in technical values.
  • The Maven configuration used in the build container was updated to avoid deadlocks when downloading artifact metadata.
  • The Assets performance testing process was occasionally unable to decrypt the AEM password, causing testing to fail.
  • Certain topologies with standby instances could have false negatives in security testing.
  • If the stage environment contained a stopped instance, the security testing step would sometimes fail.
  • Experience Cloud notifications were not consistently received.