Product Update Wizard product-update-wizard

The Product Update wizard is a guided, step-by-step upgrade experience to the latest version of Adobe Experience Manager 6.5 using Cloud Manager. It streamlines the end-to-end process and ensures adherence to AEM best practices using Cloud Manager’s CI/CD framework and built-in automated testing.

The wizard includes five phases that guides you during an AEM product update:

  • Evaluation
  • Remediation
  • Execution
  • Validation
  • Completion

Using the Wizard using

Customers onboarded to Cloud Manager and eligible to upgrade to AEM 6.5 can leverage the Product Update wizard. Contact your Customer Success Engineer (CSE) for more details.

  1. You will receive a push notification via Cloud Manager informing you that AEM 6.5 is available for your program.

  2. An AEM 6.5 Update card displays on the overview screen of Cloud Manager. This card will help track which phase of the update process you are currently in and will inform you as to what the next step to be taken is.

    Update wizard card

  3. Select Start Update to launch the wizard.

  4. The wizard displays the first phase of AEM 6.5 Update process.

To learn more about the first phase of the wizard, see the document Evaluation Phase.