User Journey user-journey

As an Adobe Experience Manager user, you may:

  • Be new to AEM.
  • Be currently using AEM 6.x.
  • Need to upgrade to AEM 6.5 release in order to use Cloud Manager.

This document lays out these scenarios and explains your journey to get started with Cloud Manager.

Cloud Manager is only available to Adobe Managed Services (AMS) customers using AEM 6.4 or above.

Onboarding onboarding

The onboarding process differs depending on if you are new to AMS or are an existing AMS customer.

New to Adobe Managed Services new-to-ams

As a new customer, you will be onboarded to Cloud Manager as part of the onboarding process to Adobe Managed Services.

As part of the onboarding process, you will receive a welcome email that includes:

  • The URL to access Cloud Manager
  • Instructions to login to Experience Cloud
  • Instructions to use the Admin Console for managing your users and their respective permissions so they can access Cloud Manager if required.

Existing Adobe Managed Services Customer existing-customer

As an existing AMS customer, you will first need to upgrade your existing production and non-production environments to AEM 6.4 or higher.

As you perform the upgrade, you will be onboarded to Cloud Manager and provided with the URL to access Cloud Manager. Additionally, for those users who need to access Cloud Manager, you will need to start using the Admin Console to manage them and their respective permissions.

Your existing AEM project will also need to conform to the recommended best practices, as you will start using Cloud Manager for deploying new code changes to your AEM environments.

To get additional information on the benefits of upgrading to AEM 6.5, see the document Upgrading to AEM 6.5.

Accessing Cloud Manager accessing-cloud-manager

You will get access to Cloud Manager and your AEM environments by simply logging in to the Experience Cloud landing page using your Adobe Identity Management credentials and selecting AEM from the solution switcher interface.

After logging in Cloud Manager for the first time, you will have access to your AEM environments directly from the Cloud Manager UI. At this point, you are ready to explore all the possibilities of Cloud Manager and prepare your first code branch to be deployed to your stage and production environments.

To get started with Cloud Manager, see the document First Time Login.

For additional information about AEM, see the document Deploying and Maintaining.

Getting Started with Cloud Manager getting-started-with-cloud-manager

Once you are logged in to Cloud Manager you can get started with your AEM project by:

  1. Setting up your code repository environment.
  2. Setting up your team and roles.
    • Role memberships are assigned by adding the user to a Cloud Manager profile using the Admin Console.
  3. Setting up your source code branches in the git repository.
  4. Defining your goals in terms of load and performance KPIs.
  5. Defining test scenarios to successfully deploy your code to your stage and production environments once all the quality checks have passed successfully.

End-to-End Journey end-to-end-journey

This diagram illustrates the customer journey at a high level when using Cloud Manager CI/CD pipeline for deploying your code changes to your staging and production environments.

End-to-end journey