Navigating the Cloud Manger UI navigation

Learn how the Cloud Manager UI is organized and how to navigate to manage your programs and environments.

The Cloud manage UI is primarily composed of two graphical interfaces:

My Programs Console my-programs

When you log into Cloud Manager at at and select the appropriate organization, you arrive at the My Programs console.

My Programs console

The My Programs console provides an overview of all programs to which you have access in the selected organization. It is made up of several parts.

  1. Toolbars for organization selection, alerts, and account settings
  2. Statistics and call-to-action for an overview of your recent activity
  3. Programs and license to understand your current license status and manage your programs
  4. Quick links to easily access related resources
Please see the document Programs and Program Types for details on programs.

Toolbars my-programs-toolbars

There are two toolbars on top of each other.

Cloud Manager Header cloud-manager-header

The first is the Cloud Manager header, which is persistent as you navigate Cloud Manager. It is an anchor that gives you access to settings and information that apply across Cloud Manager programs.

The Experience Cloud header

  1. The Cloud Manager button will take you back to the My Programs console of Cloud Manager no matter where you are in Cloud Manager.
  2. Tap or click the Feedback button to provide feedback to Adobe about Cloud Manager.
  3. The organization selector displays the organization you are currently signed into (in this example, Foundation Internal). Tap or click to switch to another organization if your Adobe ID is associated with multiple.
  4. Tapping or clicking the solutions switcher lets you quickly jump to other Experience Cloud solutions.
  5. The help icon provides quick access to learning and support resources.
  6. The notifications icon is badged with the number of currently assigned incomplete notifications.
  7. Select the icon representing your user to access your user settings. If you do not have a user picture configured, an icon is randomly assigned.

Program Toolbar program-toolbar

The program toolbar provides links to switch between Cloud Manager programs and actions appropriate to the context.

Program toolbar

  1. The program selector opens up into a dropdown where you can quickly select other programs or take context-appropriate actions such as creating a new program
  2. The getting started link gives you access to the onboarding documentation journey to get you up-and-running with Cloud Manager.
    • Note that the onboarding journey is designed for AEM as a Cloud Service and not Cloud Service for AMS, but many concepts are the same.
  3. The action button offers context-appropriate actions such as creating a new program.

Statistics statistics

The statistics section provides aggregate data for your organization, for example, if you have successfully set up your programs, statistics of your activities over the past 90 days might show, including:

Or if you are just beginning the setup of your org, there might be tips on next steps or documentation resources.

Programs and License programs-license

The main content of the My Programs console is the list of programs and status of your license.

Programs Tab programs

The Programs tab lists cards representing each program to which you have access. Tap or click on a card to access the Program Overview page of the program for details about the program.

Use the sorting options to better find the program you need.

Sorting options

  • Sort by

    • Date Created (default)
    • Program Name
    • Status
  • Ascending (default) / Descending

  • Grid View (default)

  • List View

Every program is represented by a card (or row in a table), providing an overview of the program and quick links to take action.

Program card

  • Program image (if configured)
  • Program name
  • Service type: Experience Manager Cloud for AEM as a Cloud Service programs or Experience Manager for AMS programs
  • Status
  • Configured solutions
  • Creation date

The information icon also gives quick access to additional information about the program (useful in list view).


The ellipsis icon gives you access additional actions you can take on the program.

Ellipsis button for programs

License Tab license-tab

The License tab gives you quick access to the license dashboard.

The quick links section give you access to commonly-used, related resources.

Program Overview Window program-overview

Once you select a program in the My Programs console, you are taken to the Program Overview.

Program overview

The program overview gives you access to all details of a Cloud Manager program. Like the My Programs console, it is made of several parts.

  1. Toolbars to quickly jump back to the My Programs console as well as navigate the program
  2. Tabs to switch between different aspects of the program
  3. A call-to-action based on the last actions of the program
  4. An overview of the environments of the program
  5. An overview of the pipelines of the program
  6. Links to useful resources

Toolbars program-overview-toolbar

The toolbars for the program overview are very similar to those of the My Programs console. Only the differences are illustrated here.

Cloud Manager Header cloud-manager-header-2

The Cloud Manager header has a hamburger menu that automatically opens to show the navigable tabs of the program overview.

Cloud Manager hamburger menu

Tap or click the hamburger menu icon to hide the tabs.

Program Toolbar program-toolbar-2

The program toolbar still gives you access to quickly switch to other programs, but additionally gives access to context-appropriate actions such as adding and editing the program.

Program toolbar

Additionally, the toolbar always provides which tab you are on if you have chosen to hidden the tabs using the hamburger menu.

Program Tabs program-tabs

Each program has a lot of options and data associated with it. These data are gathered into tabs to make navigating the program simpler. The tabs give you access to:

  • Overview - The program overview as described in the current document
  • Activity - The history of pipeline runs of the program
  • Pipelines - All pipelines configured for the program
  • Repositories - All repositories configured for the program
  • Reports - Metrics such as SLA data
  • Environments - All environments configured for the program
  • Content Sets - Sets of content created for copy purposes
  • Copy Content Activity - Content copy activities
  • Learning Paths - Additional learning resources about Cloud Manager

By default, when you open a program you arrive on the Overview tab. The current tab is highlighted. Select another tab to show its details.

Use the hamburger menu in the Cloud Manager header to hide the tabs.

Call-to-Action cta

The call-to-action section will give you helpful information depending on the status of your program. For a new program you may see next steps offered as well as a reminder of a go-live date, set during program creation.

For a live program, the status of your last deployment with links for details and starting a new deployment.


Environments Card environments

The Environments card gives you an overview of your environments as well as links for quick actions.

The Environments card only lists three environments. Click Show All to see all environments of the program.

Please see the document Managing Environments for details on how to manage your environments.

Pipelines Card pipelines

The Pipelines card gives you an overview of your pipelines as well as links for quick actions.

The Pipelines card only lists three pipelines. Click Show All to see all pipelines of the program.

Please see the document Managing Pipelines for details on how to manage your pipelines.

Useful Resources useful-resources

The Useful Resources section provides links to additional learning resources for Cloud Manager.