Getting Started with Adobe Experience Manager Mobile getting-started-with-aem-mobile

Adobe recommends using the SPA Editor for projects that require single page application framework-based client-side rendering (for example, React). Learn more.
Existing Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Mobile Apps customers migrating from AEM 6.2 or 6.3 to AEM 6.5 can continue to use AEM Mobile Apps by downloading a package from Package Share. However, new installs of AEM 6.5 do not support AEM Mobile Apps functionality.

AEM Mobile is part of the Adobe Experience Manager multi-channel digital platform that also uses AEM Assets, Sites, Screens, Workflow, User Manager, Commerce, and Forms. AEM Mobile offers remarkable deployment flexibility, enabling enterprises to use various content sources.

AEM Mobile offers multiple methods for creating apps. The three different ways that you can create apps are:

If you are new to Adobe Experience Manager, you may want to walk through Getting Started with AEM.