Adobe Experience Manager experience-manager-6590

Adobe Experience Manager includes new features, key customer-requested enhancements, and performance, stability, and security improvements, that are released since the availability of 6.5 release in April 2019. The service pack is installed on Adobe Experience Manager 6.5.

The key features and enhancements introduced in Adobe Experience Manager are:

  • Experience Manager Sites Dynamic Media Foundation component now lets you turn on or off the optimization for higher resolution devices when using responsive Image Preset or Smart Crop.

  • To improve performance, the hidden=false condition is moved from JCR query to QueryBuilder evaluator. To verify that a hidden predicate is working after the change, Experience Manager checks that any hidden folder is not displayed.

  • Ability to restore deleted pages and tree on an Experience Manager Sites page.

  • Support for a new user to refresh the access token using a refresh token for mailer configuration service.

  • Support for SMTP XOAUTH2 mechanism for the mail configuration service.

  • Support for MongoDB versions 4.2 and 4.4.

  • Occurrences of names related to Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan are updated as per the new naming conventions for Chinese locales and regions.

  • Accessibility enhancements in Experience Manager Assets and Dynamic Media.

  • Smart Imaging DPR (Device Pixel Ratio) and network bandwidth optimization lets you deliver best quality images efficiently; on devices with high-resolution displays and constrained network bandwidth. For details and timeline, see smart imaging FAQs.

  • Dynamic Media delivery (fmt URL modifier) supports the next-generation image format AVIF (AV1 Image format). For more details and timeline, see image serving and rendering API fmt.

  • Ability to send a notification email to a group using Assign Task workflow step.

  • Ability to retrieve an Interactive Communication draft after modifying the source Interactive Communication.

  • Set custom domain name for loading, rendering, and validating the reCAPTCHA service in Experience Manager Forms.

  • When you select a form data model and a service in Invoke Form Data Model Service workflow step, you specify service arguments for input data.

If you select Relative to Payload option to attach a file as a service argument, you can now specify the folder path that contains the file instead of the actual file name. Defining the folder name, instead of the file attachment name, enables you to reuse workflow models. You do not limit the workflow model to a single file attachment name.

  • Ability to use multiple master pages in a Document of Record template in Experience Manager Forms.

  • Support page breaks in Document of Record in Experience Manager Forms.

  • The built-in repository (Apache Jackrabbit Oak) is updated to 1.22.7.

Starting with Service Pack 9, Experience Manager customers can develop and operate their Experience Manager applications with distributions of the Azul Zulu builds of OpenJDK, standards-compliant with Java™ SE.
Support for the Azul Zulu JDKs is also provided by Adobe to the Experience Manager customers.
You can download the relevant versions of the Azul Zulu JDKs from Adobe Software Distribution.
The usage rights for the Oracle Java™ technology, as distributed by Adobe, will expire by the end of December 2022. Experience Manager customers are encouraged to plan and implement usage for the Azul Zulu JDKs latest by this date. For more information about the usage of the Oracle Java™ technology and Azul Zulu technology, see the associated FAQs.

The following is the list of fixes provided in Experience Manager release.

Sites sites-6590

  • Published pages with Authentication Requirement property enabled do not redirect to the login page and return 404 error message (NPR-36354).

  • When creating a hyperlink, the option to search a link does not work in the text component (NPR-35849).

  • A traversal query is triggered on using the API. It impacts performance of Experience Manager server (NPR-36407).

  • Nested layout container inside another resized layout container shows an incorrect number of columns for its child components, resulting in these components not being aligned to the grid (NPR-36359).

  • External Linkchecker displays valid external links as invalid links (NPR-36289).

  • After displaying references for some time, the references panel starts showing an error message (NPR-36167).

  • When moving a component, the automatically created parsys, does not have the sling:resourceType node (NPR-36165).

  • When trying to sync a livecopy (while using roll-out configs Activate on Blueprint activation and De-activate on Blueprint activation) if a component is deleted in the livecopy master, the sync fails and a NullPointerException is logged (NPR-36127).

  • When a user types in improvised text for tag (tag that does not exist on the system) and presses Enter, the tag appears under the field but when the Content Fragment is saved and reopened, the improvised tag disappears (NPR-36132).

  • Inbox does not have option display the status of Asynchronous Operations (NPR-36104).

  • A duplicate component is created after restoring inheritance (NPR-36000).

  • When using the RemoteContentRenderingService, the request to the RemoteContentRendererRequestHandler.getRequest always includes the root page for the ComponentExporter, but does not include the requested page if it is not included with the root model based on the traversal depth and filtering options set. The request must always include the requested page so that the SPA has enough information to render a response (NPR-35961).

  • onTime/offTime items do not activate/deactivate on the expected onTime/offTime (NPR-35936).

  • When you publish a page containing an Experience Fragment that has no cq:lastModified property, a NullPointerException occurs (NPR-35914).

  • When trying to resize a component within a container, resizing back to the original size is not possible. When the component container size is reduced, it is not possible to set the size back to the original (NPR-35809).

  • In the rollout dialog, either triggered in the editor or from the Live Copy Overview, the status icons for detached, suspended, or not created pages is wrong (NPR-35691).

  • Multi-Site Manager rollout on-page properties of master ignore rollout page and subpages checkbox (NPR-35634).

  • Restore tree functionality, available in the classic UI is missing from Touch UI (CQ-4315352, CQ-4309415).

  • Issues while reverting inheritance and rolling out page on an Experience Manager Sites page (NPR-36033).

Assets assets-6590

The following user experience enhancements are done in Assets:

  • To view assets not sorted based on any of the Create, Modify, or Name parameters, Adobe Experience Manager offers a None option within Sort by options. The None option ensures that the assets in the Assets user interface (in Card, Column, and Insights view) are in the same order as they exist in JCR node (NPR-36356).

  • To make the email ID lowercase in ACP API response from Adobe Experience Manager an optional setting is introduced; as the Adobe Asset Link users could not check-in assets if their ID was not having all characters in lowercase. The Adobe Asset Link panel consumes the ACP API response from Adobe Experience Manager (CQ-4317704).

configuration to change email IDs to lowercase in ACP response from Experience Manager

The following accessibility enhancements are available in Assets as part of service pack 9:

Contrast (with background) of the following text and icons is improved, so that the users with limited vision and perception of color can comprehend:

  • Asset title on Properties page (NPR-35967).
  • Star rating icons in Rating sections at various places (NPR-36009).
  • Text on the asset and folder Card view (NPR-35966).
  • Placeholder text on the Timeline view (NPR-35965).
  • Asset names on the asset search results (NPR-35964).
  • Placeholder text on the Link Sharing dialog (NPR-35963).
  • Metadata, Status, and Other text in List option in the View Settings dialog (NPR-35910).
  • Location and Type to search placeholder texts in global search (NPR-35909).
  • Expand and collapse icons under Content Tree (NPR-35908).
  • The Assets text on the page where assets folders are displayed (NPR-35905).
  • Text in Asset Metadata, Usage Statistics within Overview option in asset details page (NPR-35904).
  • Text for shortcut keys for properties and edit options in asset details page (NPR-35904).

The following bug fixes are available in Assets as part of service pack 9:

  • The tags created from within a tag selection element in a Folder Metadata Schema form are not saved (NPR-36119).

  • When a small ellipse is used to annotate assets, the ellipse overlaps with the number of the annotation in the print version (NPR-36114).

  • Sometime, in Column view, Experience Manager does not prompt for duplicate asset conflict when a duplicate asset is uploaded (NPR-36048).

  • Share Link dialog does not close by clicking close button if it is opened and no changes are made (NPR-36030).

  • When multiple assets are selected to update the properties, sometimes either an error occurs, or properties of a deselected asset get updated (NPR-36002).

  • When on asset upload whitespaces are added in the beginning or end of asset file names, with remaining characters same as the name of an existing asset in the repository, the existing asset is replaced without logging any error (NPR-36001).

  • When video is played in the asset details page, the play and pause options do not function (NPR-35999).

  • When unpublishing assets in bulk, Brand Portal generates an error suggesting that the request URI is too long (NPR-35954).

  • When an asset with long annotation text is printed, the annotation text is trimmed, even if space is available (NPR-35948).

  • The option to move to Next page is disabled on selecting the page on select Templates view on Create Catalog page (CQ-4315462).

  • When update asset workflow is started on the video asset, the page refreshes repeatedly (CQ-4313375).

  • DAM folders cannot be deleted or moved, and an exception is logged (NPR-35942).

Dynamic Media dynamic-media-6590

In Adobe Experience Manager, the following accessibility enhancements are available in Dynamic Media:

  • When you open the dialog to add assets using keyboard keys in Image Set editor:

    • Screen readers narrate that the dialog is opened.
    • Keyboard focus moves to the dialog when it opens.
    • Keyboard focus moves back to Add Asset option when the dialog is closed (CQ-4312134).
  • You can now add and edit Hotspots on assets using keyboard keys in Hotspot editor (CQ-4305965).

  • You can now put hyperlink on hotspot through Hotspot management using keyboard keys. The screen reader focus now moves to the field to edit URL Path and option to Open selection dialog (CQ-4290735).

  • Contrast (with background) of text and controls on Image Set Editor page is improved, so that the users with limited vision and perception of color can comprehend (CQ-4290733).

  • You can now navigate to asset sharing options on Viewer Preset Editor and collapse the expanded share option using keyboard keys (CQ-4290724).

  • You can now navigate and view tooltips on the information icons and alert icons on Basic and Advanced tabs of Edit Video Encoding page using keyboard keys (CQ-4290722).

  • Screen readers now narrate the instructions for various fields in Appearance tab and Behavior tab on Viewer Preset Editor (CQ-4290721).

  • When navigating the Edit Image Preset page in Form mode, screen reader narrates the purpose and names of various fields and controls (CQ-4290717).

  • When navigating assets detail page, screen readers now describe the purpose of various options within Viewers (CQ-4290716).

  • Contrast (with background) of the placeholder text All Renditions in Renditions option of asset details page is improved, so that users with limited vision and perception of color can comprehend (CQ-4290713).

  • Visual asterisk to signify mandatory field is now provided in Title field of asset in Image Set Editor, and screen readers announce the required information for the field (CQ-4290712).

  • Screen readers can now access and narrate the purpose of various interactive options within Viewers in asset details page (CQ-4290708).

Adobe Experience Manager Assets fixes The following issues in Dynamic Media:

  • Custom ViewerPresets and CSS are not replicated to Dynamic Media when Dynamic Media is activated selectively and disabled by default (NPR-36232).

  • When attempting to preview video renditions on asset details page, the videos are slow to load (CQ-4320122).

  • Browser page gets unresponsive and slows down when uploading more than 200 assets with Duplicate Asset Detector enabled (CQ-4319633).

  • When a panoramic image asset is added on the panoramic media component on a page, then an Uncaught Reference error is logged (CQ-4317666).

  • When interactive media viewer is implemented with Experience Fragment, the Experience Fragment is not opened from the publisher and an error is logged (CQ-4317655).

  • Publish to Dynamic Media option is not available within Quick Publish options in Properties page (CQ-4317199).

  • Site Authors with read-only permissions can use smart crop functionality on assets and edit the smart cropped renditions (CQ-4316450).

  • Video annotations do not work for folder paths where Dynamic Media configuration is not enabled, even if the Experience Manager instance is set up in Dynamic Media mode (CQ-4314950).

  • When the assets title has double byte, multi-byte, high ASCII, Cyrillic, surrogate pair, Hebrew, Arabic, and GB18030 characters, then on publishing to Dynamic Media the asset title have a question mark (?) (CQ-4311872).

Known video playback issues in Dynamic Media on Experience Manager only:

* You cannot play video renditions from the asset's Details page on Experience Manager - Dynamic Media running in hybrid mode.

* You cannot stream videos on Experience Manager - Dynamic Media running in hybrid mode.

Platform platform-6590

  • When you generate a thumbnail for a blueprint and roll out the changes to the live copy, the inheritance for some fields does not work (CQ-4319517).

  • When you create a folder, select the Orderable property, and add more than 20 assets to the folder, selecting all assets in the folder displays a wrong count (CQ-4316243).

  • When you refresh a page, the sorting of folder or assets does not display appropriate results (CQ-4316200).

  • Handlebars JavaScript library is upgraded to v4.7.7 (NPR-36375).

  • Custom bundles are not updated when installing a new code package using Package Manager (NPR-35949).

  • A resourceresolver Sling bundle is causing Sling:alias query to fail (NPR-35335).

  • The context path gets removed when setting up SSL in Experience Manager (NPR-35294).

  • The SegmentNotFound exception is returned after a long running session (NPR-36405).

Integrations integrations-6590

  • Unable to save page properties with inheritance enabled for Cloud Services Experience Fragments (NPR-36107).

  • IMS user interface pagination and lazy loading does not display appropriate results (NPR-36046).

  • When you create A4T Target configuration and select the reporting source as Adobe Analytics, there are no Adobe Target-enabled report suites available in the dropdown list (NPR-36006).

Projects projects-6590

  • Cannot save the properties of a project as the JCR path to the project is not resolved due to an extra forward slash (/) appended to the project path (NPR-36191).

Screens screens-6590

  • Experience Manager Screens players cannot authenticate if a custom two-factor authentication handler is used (NPR-35854).

Commerce commerce-6590

  • The Commerce Catalog wizard fails to load more than 40 items in the Column view (CQ-4318379).

Translation projects translation-6590

  • Update or Overwrite options do not display while retranslating an es to es_es page (NPR-36170).

  • When the auto-approve option is selected for a project with human translation, the job status displays as Unknown (NPR-35981).

  • When you are translating a page, the reference path of Experience Fragments does not update to the destination Experience Fragment reference path (NPR-35911).

  • When you make changes in the parent and child pages and send the parent page for translation, the child pages are incorrectly translated as well (NPR-35896).

  • When there are multiple concurrent translation projects for a selected page, the Go To Projects option does not link to the latest translation project (NPR-35454).

  • When you publish assets to Dynamic Media, Experience Manager displays an incorrect message for unpublished tags (CQ-4315914, CQ-4315913).

  • When you open a deleted job, Experience Manager displays an incorrect message (CQ-4315910).

Workflow workflow-6590

  • When you click Complete, Delegate, or Open actions for items available in Inbox, there is no visual clue for the completion of these actions (NPR-36317).

Communities communities-6590

  • In spam filtering, the system consumes 100% of the Java™ heap space making the Experience Manager server unresponsive (NPR-36316, NPR-36493).
  • In forums, the JCR sessions data originating from SearchCommentSocialComponentListProvider is leaked (NPR-36235).
  • Opening a specific inbox message reflects all the messages with improper pagination and other issues (NPR-35917).

Brand Portal brandportal-6590

  • The Asset Sourcing feature flag is auto-enabled on configuring Experience Manager Assets with Brand Portal (NPR-36010).

Forms forms-6590

  • Experience Manager Forms releases the add-on packages one week after the scheduled Experience Manager Service Pack release date.

Adaptive Forms

  • Language initialization issues in Experience Manager Forms while generating multiple translation dictionaries (NPR-36439).

  • When you add an attachment to adaptive form fragment and submit the form, Experience Manager Forms displays the following error message (NPR-36195):

    code language-txt
     POST /content/forms/af/attachmentissue/jcr:content/ HTTP/1.1] [AF] Invalid file name or mime type for file resulted in submission failure
  • When you use human translation to update a dictionary and then preview an adaptive form, the modifications do not display (NPR-36035).

Interactive Communications

  • When you upload an image using the Interactive Communications Print channel and edit it, the image is not visible anymore (NPR-36518).

  • On editing a text asset and populating a placeholder, all the interactive elements are removed from the navigation pane (NPR-35991).


  • When you call the REST endpoint of an Experience Manager Forms service on JBoss®, Experience Manager displays the following error message (NPR-36305):

    code language-txt
    Invalid input. The maximum length of 2000 characters was exceeded.


  • Unable to save a form data model while binding Read service argument to a literal value that contains a dash (NPR-36366).

Document Security

  • When you set certification and HSM for GlobalSign, Experience Manager Forms displays the Unsuported Algorithm and Invalid TSA Certificate error messages while adding a timestamp to LTV (NPR-36026, NPR-36025).

Document Services

  • Updates to Gibson library for integration with Experience Manager Forms (NPR-36211).

Foundation JEE

  • When you select Endpoint Management on the AdminUI, Experience Manager Forms displays the endpoint registry failure error message (CQ-4320249).

For information on security updates, see Experience Manager security bulletins page.

UberJar uber-jar

The UberJar for Experience Manager is available in the Maven Central repository.

To use UberJar in a Maven project, see how to use UberJar and include the following dependency in your project POM:

UberJar and the other related artifacts are available on Maven Central Repository instead of Adobe Public Maven repository ( The main UberJar file is renamed to uber-jar-<version>.jar. So, there is no classifier, with apis as the value, for the dependency tag.

Known issues in Experience Manager known-issues-6590

  • If you are upgrading your Experience Manager instance from 6.5 to version, you can view RRD4JReporter exceptions in the error.log file. To resolve the issue, restart the instance.

  • Users can rename a folder in a hierarchy in Assets and publish a nested folder to Brand Portal. However, the title of the folder is not updated in Brand Portal until the root folder is republished.

  • When a user selects to configure a field for the first time in an adaptive form, the option to save a configuration does not display in Properties Browser. Selecting to configure some other field of the adaptive form in the same editor resolves the issue.

  • The following errors and warning messages may display during installation of Experience Manager 6.5.x.x:

    • "When the Adobe Target integration is configured in Experience Manager using the Target Standard API (IMS authentication), then exporting Experience Fragments to Target results in wrong offer types getting created. Instead of type “Experience Fragment”/source “Adobe Experience Manager,” Target creates several offers with type “HTML”/source “Adobe Target Classic.”
    • com.adobe.granite.maintenance.impl.TaskScheduler: No maintenance windows found at granite/operations/maintenance.
    • Adaptive Form server-side validation fails when aggregate functions such as SUM, MAX, and MIN are used (CQ-4274424).
    • com.adobe.granite.maintenance.impl.TaskScheduler - No maintenance windows found at granite/operations/maintenance.
    • Hotspot in a Dynamic Media interactive image is not visible when previewing the asset through Shoppable Banner viewer.
    • bundle (395)[] : Timeout waiting for reg change to complete unregistered.