Adobe Experience Manager experience-manager-6510

Adobe Experience Manager is an important release that includes performance, stability, security, and key customer fixes and enhancements released since the general availability of Adobe Experience Manager 6.5 in April 2019. It can be installed on top of Experience Manager 6.5.

Some key highlights of this Service Pack release are:

  • Enabled the inclusion of dynamic-UI-state in tracking events as custom attributes.
  • Included support for the delivery of 360-degree video assets in Dynamic Media–Scene7 mode.
  • Enabled Japanese Word Wrap feature via the styles plugin of Rich Text Editor. For more information, see Configure Japanese word wrap


  • Updated DAM DMGateway interface for S3 multipart support. NPR-29740: Hotfix for CQ-4226303
  • Renditions preview generates Only empty tenantId is currently supported error after upgrading to Experience Manager 6.5. NPR-29986: Hotfix for CQ-4272353
  • Delete dialog is not visible to allow deletion of jobs. NPR-29720: Hotfix for CQ-4271074
  • After adding asset title in the properties page, when a user attempts to close the page, Experience Manager opens the properties page again. NPR-29627: Hotfix for CQ-4264929
  • VersioningTimelineEventProvider should provide root version along with node of the type nt: version. Hotfix for GRANITE-26063
  • Implemented the ability to upload and play 360 spherical videos in Experience Manager DM-Scene7 mode. Hotfix for CQ-4265131
  • Live copy retrieves incorrect status if the source is edited. Hotfix for CQ-4265451
  • Enabled Multi-Site Manager support for Experience Manager Assets. Hotfix for CQ-4271453, CQ-4268621, CQ-4257491
  • Experience Manager interface should display an additional entry for the current version of the asset in the timeline history, displaying the latest check-in comment from Adobe Asset Link. Hotfix for CQ-4262864
  • Content Fragment Timeline displays an error message when properties are missing. Hotfix for CQ-4272560
  • An issue with Scene7 video player when expanded to full screen. Hotfix for CQ-4266700
  • ZoomVerticalViewer: Pan buttons should not be displayed if a single image asset is used. Hotfix for CQ-4264795
  • Deleting a child node in the live copy should detach the liveRelationship. Hotfix for CQ-4270395
  • The metadata schema only contains items from the global configuration and is missing the ones from the active tenant. The formPath URL value reverts to the default even when changed. NPR-29945: Hotfix for CQ-4262898
  • Publish image presets to Brand Portal fails with 500 error code. NPR-29510: Hotfix for CQ-4268659


  • Empty properties and multiple properties do not propagate from blueprint during rollout. Reset live copy with blueprint does not work for components. NPR-29253: Hotfix for CQ-4264928, CQ-4264926, CQ-4267722
  • CoralUI, when used with Multifield, stores the fileReferenceParameter at the component level instead of multifield level. NPR-29537: Hotfix for CQ-4266129
  • Enhancement of Experience Manager text component and Text Editor to Japanese. NPR-29785: Hotfix for CQ-4265090
  • Page restored with Timewarp should refer to the correct picture at the time of versioning. NPR-29431: Hotfix for CQ-4262638
  • An issue with the inheritance of Style System nodes from parent to child. NPR-29516: Hotfix for CQ-4270330
  • An error message while setting up the social posting to Facebook authentication. NPR-29211: Hotfix for CQ-4266630
  • The rendered thumbnail on Content Fragment shows internal calendar representation for Date and Time field. NPR-29531: Hotfix for CQ-4269362
  • Opening the permissions tab in Coral2 implementation does not show the buttons. Hotfix for CQ-4269419


  • ConstraintViolationException, when running lazy content migration for e-commerce. NPR-29247: Hotfix for CQ-4264383

Content Fragment Management

  • Parsing error when opening a Content Fragment which has characters dollar ($) and open brace ({). Hotfix for CQ-4270266

Experience Fragments

  • Export Experience Manager Experience Fragments to Adobe Target. Hotfix for CQ-4265469

  • Experience Fragments export to target fails with smart image. Hotfix for CQ-4269606

  • The user hits a dead end when tries to move the Experience Fragments through Omnisearch in card view. Hotfix for CQ-4263848

WCM - Page Editor

  • Reflected Cross-site scripting (XSS) when using an invalid selector. Hotfix for CQ-4270397


  • User-provided data is not escaped on output in the cq/replication/components/agent component, resulting in a stored Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability. Hotfix for CQ-4266263


  • Dialog participant’s calendar picker field broken. NPR-29727: Hotfix for CQ-4270423

WCM - SPA Editor

  • Enabled fetching pre-rendered content from a remote endpoint. Hotfix for CQ-4270238
  • Warnings in logs when opening a SPA Template Page rendered server-side. Hotfix for CQ-4270238


  • Upgrade to Experience Manager 6.4.3 makes Multi-Site Manager take a long time to roll out. Hotfix for CQ-4271410


  • BrightEdge credentials fail with connection error. NPR-29168: Hotfix for CQ-4265872

  • An exception message is displayed when trying to edit and save the Experience Manager launch configuration. NPR-29176: Hotfix for CQ-4265782/CQ-4266153

User Interface

  • Added support for tracking dynamic-UI-states as custom attributes while tracking certain events in the foundation tracking API. Hotfix for GRANITE-26283
  • Unable to set the tracking feature on the submit button. Hotfix for GRANITE-26326
  • The wizard is unable to set the tracking feature on the submit button. NPR-29995, NPR-30025: Hotfix for CQ-4264289


  • Unable to align new badges in the dropdown on the member profile page. NPR-29381: Hotfix for CQ-4267987
  • Visitors and members, with no moderator privileges, are able to see unapproved/pending posts by pasting the URL. NPR-29724: Hotfix for CQ-4271124, CQ-4271441
  • High response time up to 40-50 seconds is observed on user sign-in for Community. NPR-29677: Hotfix for CQ-4269444


  • Replication Agent component is susceptible to a vulnerability which discloses sensitive information to unauthorized users. NPR-29611: Hotfix for GRANITE-25070

  • Session leak during OAuth for every replication to Brand Portal. NPR-30001: Hotfix for GRANITE-26196


  • Publish Experience Manager Assets from Experience Manager Author /content/dam/mac folder to Brand Portal does not work. NPR-29819: Hotfix for CQ-4271118


  • HtmlLibraryManager deletes all the contents of crx-quickstart on cache invalidation. NPR-29863: Hotfix for GRANITE-26197


  • Memory Usage details do not show up in the system console when using Java11. NPR-29669


The key highlights for Experience Manager Forms are:

  • OSGi only: Added a new attribute PAGECOUNT in Output and Forms Service.

  • OSGI only: Enabled support to create static PDF files using Forms Service.

  • Enabled permissions on XMLForm.exe for administrator and root users.

  • Enabled support for ADFS v3.0 for Dynamics on-premise integration.

Forms add-on package

Backend Integration

  • Failure in fetching protected Web Service Definition Language (WSDL). NPR-29944: Hotfix for CQ-4270777

  • When Experience Manager Forms is installed on IBM WebSphere, creating a form data model based on SOAP fails. Hotfix for CQ-4251134

  • Enabled support for Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) v3.0 for Microsoft Dynamics on-premise integration. Hotfix for CQ-4270586

  • When title of a data source is changed, the form data model does not display the updated title. Hotfix for CQ-4265599

  • If name of an entity or attribute contains hyphen or space, expressions fail to evaluate such entities and attributes. Hotfix for CQ-4225129

  • Incorrect output is observed when a colon is present in the primitive string output. Hotfix for CQ-4260825

  • Even when no content is expected from the REST API output, form data model’s invoke operation throws an error. Hotfix for CQ-4268828

Adaptive Forms

  • Unable to add new instance in Adaptive Form Fragment during lazy loading. NPR-29818: Hotfix for CQ-4269875

  • Verify component does not log or display any error for Document of Record templates. Hotfix for CQ-4272999

  • Added support to disable layout editor for Adaptive Forms. Hotfix for CQ-4270810

  • Restored the verify step for Adaptive Forms in Experience Manager 6.5. Hotfix for CQ-4269583

  • Adaptive Form field validation failure breaks Adobe Sign. Hotfix for CQ-4269463

  • When an Experience Manager Forms instance has more than 20 adaptive form fragments and name of all the form fragments starts with the same string, the search returns no or only recent 20 created fragments. Hotfix for CQ-4264414, CQ-4264914

  • Performance issues when Adaptive Forms app is used with large dataset. Hotfix for CQ-4235310

  • When accessed through anonymous account on a publish instance, the GuideRuntime script fails to load. Hotfix for CQ-4268679

Forms - Interactive Communication

  • Interactive Communication template does not list header and footer components in allowed component list. Hotfix for CQ-4237895
  • When you create an interactive communication print template containing an image field, the title of the chart is set to blank. Hotfix for CQ-4264772
  • Line color of a chart, when deleted, is set to undefined. Hotfix for CQ-4264762
  • Layout layer changes made on Document Fragment disappear on performing keep changes sync. Hotfix for CQ-4266054
  • Form data model element inside a Document Fragment bound to a text field does not show inheritance icon and allows binding. Hotfix for CQ-4261089
  • Print Channel render API does not have the option to pass data as a parameter in the API. Hotfix for CQ-4263540
  • Agent settings are not visible as Editable by Agent checkbox gets unchecked when binding type is changed from Text fragment to None/Data Model Object for String field/variable. Hotfix for CQ-4261953
  • On the submission of Agent UI, resulting web data json file stores information for inheritance-cancelled unbound fields. Hotfix for CQ-4265621

Forms - Workflow

  • When a form is resubmitted from the outbox of adaptive forms app, it results in loss of data. NPR-28345: Hotfix for CQ-4260929

  • Documents are not closed while saving for non-variable cases. Hotfix for CQ-4269784

  • Adaptive Forms app has dropped support for Microsoft Windows 8.1. Hotfix for CQ-4265274

  • When an image of more than 2 MB is attached as a field level attachment to a form in the Android version of Experience Manager Forms app, the app crashes. Hotfix for CQ-4265578

  • Enabled pre-population options for Interactive Communication Print Channel in Assign task. Hotfix for CQ-4265577

  • Users are not able to view a shared task until they become member of the group to which the task is assigned. Hotfix for CQ-4248733

  • Save or submit of JEE applications on Adaptive Form app is blocked on Windows. Hotfix for CQ-4268704

  • The form data model associated with the form data model variable is not visible. Hotfix for CQ-4266554

  • No support for the status variable of document sign using variable support. Hotfix for CQ-4266312

  • Submissions from workspace fail with umlaut character. Hotfix for CQ-4263172

  • On an upgraded setup, if the workflow is opened for editing, an error is shown instead of workflow name in watch folder user interface (UI). Hotfix for CQ-4238579

Forms - Management

  • When an extension other than xsd or schema.json is uploaded, upload does not happen and, no error message is generated. Hotfix for CQ-4266716

Forms - Correspondence Management

  • Experience Manager Forms 6.5 Create Correspondence UI (CCR UI) fails to open correspondence created with Experience Manager Forms 6.3. Hotfix for CQ-4266392
  • Sum function in XDP does not work if the DDE data type is of type number. Hotfix for CQ-4227403
  • Letters in-memory cache invalidation logic to be updated, because when an asset is published, its last modified time is not updated. Hotfix for CQ-4250465
  • Unable to Publish Document fragment, DD & Letters. Hotfix for CQ-4272893

Forms JEE installer

PDF Generator

  • CAD files to PDF conversion are failing with 64-bit JDK. NPR-29924, NPR-29925: Hotfix for CQ-4272113
  • Replaced the name of PhantomJS to WebToPDF for HTMLtoPDF conversion. NPR-29933: Hotfix for CQ-4234545
  • An error is generated while converting zip file to PDF. Hotfix for CQ-4268628

Forms - Designer

  • When a full accessibility check is performed on the static PDF created using Experience Manager Forms Designer, the Primary Language check fails due to missing language attribute. Hotfix for CQ-4272923, CQ-4271002

Forms - Document Security

  • Digital Signature with Hardware Security Module (HSM) is not working on OSGi Linux on Java 11 and Java 8. NPR-29838: Hotfix for CQ-4270441
  • Digital Signature with Hardware Security Module (HSM) is not working on JEE Linux, and all supported app servers that is, JBoss and Websphere. NPR-29839: Hotfix for CQ-4266721
  • Verifying signatures in a PDF using PDF Advanced Electronic Signatures (PAdES) generates InvalidOperationException. NPR-29842: Hotfix for CQ-4244837
  • Added Document Security Extension support for Office 2019. Hotfix for CQ-4254369, CQ-4259764

Forms - Document Services

  • PDF fails conversion to PDF/A-1b with Form field does not have appearance dict. NPR-29940: Hotfix for CQ-4269618

  • OSGi: Unable to determine the number of pages generated during rendering. NPR-28922: Hotfix for CQ-4270870

  • Enabled support for Static PDF files using Forms Service in Experience Manager Forms OSGi. NPR-28572: Hotfix for CQ-4270869

  • Unable to change the permissions on the XMLForm.exe. NPR-29828, NPR-29237: Hotfix for Q-4267080

  • The static PDF created by the Experience Manager Forms server’s output module does not populate the language attribute/tag with the language of the document created. NPR-27332: Hotfix for CQ-4271002

Forms - Foundation JEE

  • Unavailable pdfg_srt in final artifacts causes the installer to fail. NPR-29854: Hotfix for CQ-4270137
  • is not working. NPR-29840: Hotfix for CQ-4269424
  • UDP port reference should be removed from user interface (UI) for WebSphere. Hotfix for CQ-4264782

UberJar uber-jar

The UberJar for Experience Manager is available in the Maven Central repository.

To use UberJar in a Maven project, see how to use UberJar and include the following dependency in your project POM:

UberJar and the other related artifacts are available on Maven Central Repository instead of Adobe Public Maven repository ( The main UberJar file is renamed to uber-jar-<version>.jar. So, there is no classifier, with apis as the value, for the dependency tag.

Feature Packs Included

Assets - Included

Sites - Included

Forms - Document Services - Included

  • OSGi only: Added a new attribute PAGECOUNT in Output and Forms Service… NPR-28922: Hotfix for CQ-4270870
  • OSGi only: Enabled support to create static PDF files using Forms Service. NPR-28572: Hotfix for CQ-4270869
  • Enabled permissions on XMLForm.exe for administrator and root users. NPR-29237: Hotfix for CQ-4267080

OSGi bundles and Content Packages

The following text documents list the OSGi bundles and Content Packages included in Experience Manager

List of OSGi bundles included in Experience Manager

Get File

List of Content Packages included in Experience Manager

Get File