Tally Essentials tally-essentials

Tally is an abstract class providing a standard method of collecting feedback from members on how they value specific products and services. Anonymous feedback is not supported. Site visitors must register and sign in to participate and sign in to change their feedback. The requirement to sign in facilitates moderation and enhances the value of the feedback by preventing multiple posts.

A custom tally component can be created by extending the abstract tally class.

Liking is an implementation of tally that is simple form of expressing a positive opinion.

Voting is an implementation of tally that is simple form of expressing a positive or negative opinion.

Rating is an implementation of tally that uses a star system for expressing a range of opinions from positive to negative.

As of AEM 6.1, the poll component is no longer available.

Reviews is an SCF component that is a hybrid of comments and rating.

Essentials for Client-Side essentials-for-client-side

Essentials for Server-Side essentials-for-server-side

Accessing Posted Tallies (UGC) accessing-posted-tallies-ugc

UGC should be moderated using one of the standard methods for moderation.
See Moderating User Generated Content.

As of AEM 6.1 Communities, use of a common store for UGC includes programmatic access to UGC regardless of the chosen storage option (such as ASRP, MSRP, or JSRP).

The location and format of the UGC in the repository is subject to change without warning.